Reasons to be grateful for homeschooling

A lot of people feel lucky to choose to homeschool. Here are some of the reasons which will inspire you to do the same. 

No packing lunches

Well, when you go to school, then one thing you can never ignore is packing lunches. The traditional school lunches put too much pressure on the kid and their parents. So, with homeschooling, you no longer have to worry about packing lunches.

Get sufficient time to sleep and heal

A body needs proper sleep. Your body requires time to rest and heal, be it from illness, daily chores or just because you have too many things to do as a child or an adult. Sometimes you may just need extra space. Homeschooling and not being on a tight schedule allows you to attain it. Your mental, physical and emotional health overshadow academics definitely.

Time to follow interests

It is important for your kid to choose interest led learning. Homeschooling is ideal for it. You and your kids can pick any topic as long as you like it. Be it exploring big machineries or poultry farms, football or Disney world, if a topic lights up your kid, then learning will happen. Academics is important but schooling kills the interests and hobbies of your child, while with homeschooling, you can achieve both.


One of the major reasons why people choose to homeschool is flexibility. It gives you a schedule to be on your own and not according to the conventional school calendar. And, this is not it. It gives your child the flexibility to take their time to learn as per their convenience. You can speed up topics which are easy to grasp or take things slow which are challenging. Every child has a different learning pace and having flexibility can make your child’s education simpler.

Real world experience

Learning can take place anywhere, anytime! Going to the store, post office doctor gives homeschooling children the ability to interact with people of different backgrounds and ages. This is something you will not learn in a classroom. 

Create community

You can join different homeschool groups and co-ops. Find out if you have other homeschool families near you. Participate in homeschool communities on the internet with other parents. Be it Facebook, Instagram or any other platform, you can create an amazing community with homeschooling parents across the world.

Take field trips

The freedom to travel off-peak hours is an amazing benefit of homeschooling. You can plan last minute field trips to museums, parks, zoos etc. Often these places offer homeschooling discounts. 

Choose a curriculum which works for you

With every passing year, you notice an increment in the learning products and curricula. While in school learning, you need to follow your school curriculum, with homeschooling you can tailor what’s working and what’s not working for your child depending on their needs. It will boost confidence in your child.

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