Quintrex 550 Frontier Side Console

Quintrex’s groundbreaking development, the Frontier, is now available. The Frontier range has extreme anglers, building on the success of the Top Ender range. This model is built on Quintrex’s innovative Apex Hull, a flared bottom sheet for better water contact and a smoother ride.

The Quintrex 550 Frontier side console is impossible to miss in a parking lot with its color scheme. Vinyl wrap, not paint, provides the color. Believe again if you think something sounds frail and short-lived. It is the preferred finish for ferries in the country since it is less susceptible to extent of damage.

In this article, let’s talk about the Quintrex 550 Frontier SC and its features.

About Quintrex 550 Frontier Side Console

The Apex hull has broader chinese to improve cornering gripping power and maintaining balance. Quintrex built the Apex hull based upon the performance of T-Top ender, specifically for anglers who would take the 550 frontier into any hard or extremely rough situations and require a soft-riding, sturdy rig that would work every time.

Features of Quintrex 550 Frontier Side Console

Quintrex 550 Frontier SC innovative Apex hull form is used on the 550. This features a punt-like footprint at the bow but refined sharpness near and below the water. The most obvious benefit is increased internal space; once moving, a couple of others appear. This boat is naturally steady, and it maintains that stability in abrupt turns: there is very little lean, which is ideal for frightened passengers. They’d also appreciate the dryness, as that bow didn’t allow any spray to get on the board.

The addition of casting platforms has given a lot of capacity to side and center console boats, typically light on dry stowage area. The 550s are incredibly spacious, thanks to the Apex hull. At this end, everything here is neat, and the larger anchor which is quite big compared to an average anchor well has a lid. The awesome theme continues alongside: wear cushions have been installed on the two boarding platforms, one of which is facilitated with a telescoping ladder.

The Quintrex 550 Frontier model, which is also available as a center console, comes equipped with amenities that anyone who is buying the boat will need during their ride. It is a strong and top-quality model by Quintrex that you can consider buying it anytime.

The structure of this side console model is meant to increase the cockpit space, so that a family of six can go onboard, and each of them has a fishing rod in hand. Quintrex has incorporated plenty of underfloor storage to stow away all of your tackle and gear, which makes a big difference while you’re out for the day.


The canopy on the 550 isn’t beautiful, but it provides shade, which is more vital than aesthetics. This one gives significantly more shade than a normal top on a center console; the easily folded canopy offers excellent protection for the passengers sitting in three sockets.

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