Questions to ask a Professional Roofing Contractor

A roof system is a major investment which should be safeguarded by quality product and workmanship. If it is time to get your roof replaced or repaired, then it is very important to hire a quality roofing contractor Edmonton to get best results for your roof. Here is a set of questions to ask professional roofing contractor to make sure you get a just estimate for your house:

Can you make an appointment for a free quote?

Estimates for new roof replacement or repair is free of charge and can be scheduled through an appointment to make it convenient. Meeting with the customer to discuss the condition of the roof and suggested options is an important part of choosing the right service for your home.

Will they visit for roof inspection?

With so much technological advancement, it is now possible to get precise measurement and condition of a roof. They are accurate and help you inspect the condition of the roof first hand. You can find out all about the condition of the shingles, firmness of the layers below and everything. You can also know if the chimneys, skylights or solar tunnels need replacement or repair. At All in One Exterior, the specialist will inspect the roof thoroughly to ensure that nothing is ignored and no mistakes are made. 

How much experience do you have?

Before hiring a contractor, make sure you know if the contractor is experienced or not. Have they dealt with such a problem before or is it their first job? An experienced contractor will know how to deal with the issue in a more efficient way.

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Do you have Worker’s Compensation Board coverage?

Accidents in roofing repair or installation are rare but can be extremely dangerous and sometimes lethal. Worker’s Compensation Board is mandatory in Alberta for employers to offer the employees during work-related injuries. Make sure you hire a company that has the coverage so that employees are covered fully.

Once the contract is signed, how soon can the work be done and what is the procedure?

While summers are quite a busy time for the roofing industry, a signed agreement may be implemented in a timely manner. You should know about the loading date of the roofing material and the installation date. Care should be done to secure the surrounding property to avoid any damage. If work doesn’t get completed in one day, workers should ensure to waterproof the house before they resume work another day. Once completed, a complete clean-up of the site is done. A thorough checkup is done to check if the work is done as promised or not.

Do you offer workmanship warranty?

You may notice workmanship deficiency after the first rainfall or in just the first two years of installation. A basic workmanship warranty will cover it. 

Do you provide manufacturing warranty?

Roofing repairs are costly, and you should expect them to last a few decades. Hence, make sure your contractor gives you a warranty. You should look for a 25-year warranty for big roof repairs. 

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