Providing Acute Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuropathy in New Jersey

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Neuropathy, an often debilitating illness, affects 25 to 30 percent of adults. Steven Ferrer, MD, and Kevin McElroy, DO of Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine in Glen Rock, NJ, and use muscle tests and diagnostic nerves to offer an accurate diagnosis of neuropathy. Physical therapy, pain management, and other treatments are available. Begin taking control of your overall health and wellness by calling or booking an appointment online today with a Glen Rock Neuropathy specialist.

What Exactly Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is the term used to describe any disorder that interferes with the general functioning of your peripheral nervous system’s nerves.

The peripheral nervous system connects the spinal cord and brain to other body parts. Injury to these nerves disrupts interactions between your brain and body.

Your peripheral nervous system is composed of three different kinds of nerves:

Ø  Sensory nerves- Transmit messages that aid in recognition of sensations such as heat and cold.

Ø  Motor nerves- Provide messages from your brain to your muscles for them to react to stimulation.

Ø  Autonomic nerves- These nerves regulate essential body functions, including digestion, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Though neuropathy affects persons of all ages, older folks are more vulnerable to the illness.

What Is the Cause of Neuropathy?

Neuropathy can be passed on from generation through genes or acquired later in life. The following are examples of non-hereditary causes:

Ø  Injury.

Ø  Drugs.

Ø  Autoimmune diseases or infections.

Ø  Diabetes and other systemic diseases.

Ø  Harmful substance exposure.

Ø  Vitamin abnormalities.

Ø  Alcoholism.

Ø  Vascular diseases.

At times, the cause of neuropathy is unknown, which occurs in up to 30 to 40 percent of instances of neuropathy.

How Is Neuropathy Identified?

Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine’s providers take a thorough medical history to cross-check to evaluate if an inherent illness triggers your neuropathy. They frequently prescribe muscle and nerve testing, which is done in two stages. The first one is a nerve conduction study, which is accompanied by an electromyography test.

Ø  Nerve conduction analysis

Your nerves are tested during a nerve conduction study. The electrical signals used throughout the test engage your nerves and measure how well they respond.

Ø  Electromyography

Electromyography is a type of muscle testing. Your physician uses a tiny wire to monitor electrical activity in your muscles.

Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine offers both tests. The test results offer crucial information to your physician concerning the area of your concern, its seriousness, and how long it has been present.

What Neuropathy Treatment Options Are Available?

Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine physicians develop a care plan depending on the cause of your condition and then monitor your improvement. Your provider frequently prescribes physical therapy to alleviate pain and improve your body’s ability to recover itself. The aim is to remove your pain and manage any other symptoms you may be experiencing.

Patients can now receive excellent treatments to improve their life quality without surgery, thanks to breakthroughs in rehabilitation and pain medicine. Call the Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine office or request an appointment online for precise neuropathy diagnosis and comprehensive care.