Professional Pet Movers will apprise pet owners of the tasks that they must be ready to handle

To ensure a safe and comfortable journey for your pet when you are leaving Singapore for some other country, it is imperative to seek a pet movers company. Since all pet transportation companies are not alike, you must ensure that besides being deft pet handlers, the company’s staff is a pet lover. They must treat your pet with as much love and care as it is used to at home so that it builds a comfortable association between the two which adds more comfort to the pet’s travel experience.  The friendliness of the staff towards pets will ensure that the pet relies on them as much it would rely on you for a soothing journey and never feel depressed.  It makes pet handling much easier while ensuring a safe journey.

Comply with the import requirements

Pet export is a complex process that entails a lot of rules, regulations, and documentation, including health certificates. Sometimes the animals must stay in quarantine after arriving at the destination before handing it over to the owners. The pet transportation company makes the process easy and stress-free by handling many of the tasks on your behalf, leaving just a few for you. They will guide you about everything required for exporting your pet from Singapore as they thoroughly know about the pet import procedures of the destination country.  It might entail vaccinating the pet for rabies and diseases, veterinary health certification, or laboratory tests which you must be ready with.  

Apply for an AVA Export license

Pet owners must apply for an AVA export license by applying online and obtain the e-license within 30 days of leaving Singapore. The AVA website has a complete guide about the procedure that makes the task easy. In addition, you must have a valid dog license and other supporting documents like vaccination records. The licenses are available for the export of pets both for personal use as well as for commercial purposes with different kinds of fees payable according to the type of license and the kind of service, whether express or normal. 

Obtain Veterinary Health certificate

You may or may not require a veterinary health certificate depending on the destination country’s laws, which the pet transportation company can clarify. If required, take your pet to an AVA licensed veterinarian who will issue the certificate after examining the pet. The kind of certification statement on the health certificate and its validity depends on the country you are traveling to.

Schedule appointment for pre-export inspection

Some countries require pre-export inspection. If you are traveling to such countries, submit an online request with iFast (Intelligent Food Approval and Safety Tracking system of AVA) at least five days before the travel date. Pet inspection without a prior appointment will attract some fees. The inspection must be completed at least 4 hours before boarding the flight. By visitng this site you can get dog reviews food

As you are using a pet transportation company’s services, they would coordinate with the airline and make all arrangements for ensuring safe boarding of the pet.

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