Potential reasons your diet isn’t working

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Sometimes no matter what dietary and workout regime you practice, the result maintains unattainable. There are many reasons why you can lack progress results. Chicago`s best weight loss expert will review the key factors and give you the answers on this complex subject. 

Excluding that the problem is self-discipline, it suggests that some dietary mistakes inhibit reaching the weight loss goal. These hidden lapses might be:

Not intaking enough calories and good fat

Avoiding fat is suitable for a weight loss diet, but extreme restrain of calories can have a dispense effect. Without enough calories, your metabolism will slow down and steer into a surviving mode to conserve energy. Eliminating calories without a nutritional quality diet won’t improve your body health and weight loss. Food rich with proteins and unsaturated fat, but low in simple sugar, is necessary for every diet. Many people on a low-fat diet tend to replace fat with sugary and salty food. While avoiding saturated and trans fats, implement food such as avocado, eggs, salmon, and raw nuts that contain good fat. 

The illusion of calorie deficit

When cutting out high-calorie food such as soda, fast food, or alcohol and not systematically working on your weight loss, the effect of such a decision will have its results but only for a short time. Quitting a few bad dietary habits will make an impact on your metabolism and lead to weight loss but only for a short period. This seems like a significant calorie reduction but won’t lead to a calorie deficit necessary for continuous weight loss. Soon your metabolism will adapt to these new calorie intake values and recreate stability. Therefore, removing only a few of your calorie-loaded food can provide the illusion of weight loss, while weight loss is a consequence of calories consumed and calories burnt.

Consuming proceed and sugary food

Many foods may appear low in sugar and fat but have hidden ingredients. Processed food with added sugar and fruit with high content of carbonates can escalate your blood sugar and release insulin. This will impact your feeling of hunger.

Relying on too many sugar and calorie-free food

Many foods can have reduced content of sugar and calorie, because of their low sugar and calorie amount, some are labeled as calories and sugar-free. Syrups, yogurts, salad dressings, and other accompaniments, can be used in multiple servings per meal or day which combined equals full-fat and full-sugar food. 

Sizing the portions

Eyeballing portions is not an ideal method in an attempt to control meal calories. Not every food contains the same calories and the amount of food on the plate is not relevant. Although, some food is full of healthy fat, consumed in large quantities can cause weight gain. When deciding on the portion size, keep in mind your caloric needs.

Excess workout

Intense exercises can take too much time to take off, prolong weight loss, and are conditionally harmful. A moderate workout and a fat-burning program will provide better results than constant forced physical activity. A consistent and balanced workout grants successful weight loss.

Body condition

Many health issues can affect the expenditure of calories. Conditions that impact thyroid and hormones can affect successful weight loss. Nonetheless, many medications increase body fat. Weight loss is conditioned by age, genetics, and body conception as well.

Meal frequency

Although, skipping meals seems like a good idea in cutting calories, without proper energy intake your body wont be able to maintain the metabolism that regulates weight. More likely, the brain energy balance system will fight your body by pushing the weight back to its set point. Besides, restricting the number of meals will leave you hungry and lacking energy. Choose healthy snacks and drinks low in sugar and calories, that will keep you supplied with proteins, vitamins, and minerals throughout the day. 

 Final Thoughts

If your weight loss program is not giving you desirable results, consider these potential reasons and hidden factors. Weight loss is accomplished by changing a few habits that can contribute to and increase your weight loss.