PM 2.5 The silent killer pollutant that lurks in the air

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Where there is a lot of dust, PM 2.5 tends to hide in large clusters there. Plus humidity and cool air Will make the sticking of this virus More dense It is a silent threat that cannot be seen with the naked eye. But when inhaled into the lungs, it can be fatal.

How does PM 2.5 happen?

This type of dust virus. Arising from the actions of all human beings such as

Coming from the exhaust pipe Even during heavy traffic congestion, there is a lot of dust on this.

derived from construction such as electric train, tunnel, residential area

comes from the burning or forest fires that occur in every year of the North

Comes from industrial factories

Typically, this dust collects together in the air during the night. And when blown by the wind, it will scatter and eventually fade away. But depending on the weather as well If it’s cold Fog in the morning, still air, without movement, can make PM 2.5 circling the area when we are in this tiny dust environment. And inhaled, thus causing harm to the body

How are they dangerous to the body?

Many people refuse to defend themselves. And think that their health is good Did you know that this little dust Contains toxins that are very harmful to the body such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and dust that is very small, only 2.5 microns. (25 times smaller than the size of human hair) when we have inhaled it Therefore, it can pass through a filtration within the nose, we enter the lungs easily. From very small Can also pass through the lungs directly into the blood vessel Impact on various internal organ systems, causing various diseases, namely

cerebrovascular disease

lung cancer

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Ischemic heart disease


acute infectious disease

It is also dangerous for people with weakened immune systems. Or young children and the elderly The World Health Organization has designated PM 2.5 as a Type 1 carcinogen in 2013 as one of the leading causes of premature death.

How to protect yourself Keep away from PM 2.5

1.Avoid going to dusty places. Or doing outdoor activities

  1. Wear a protective mask properly. Selected to indicate that it is protected against dust smaller than 2.5 microns only.
  2. Choosing food and dietary supplements is important. By choosing foods that are high in vitamin A and beta-carotene. Which is in the carrot gourd, morning glory, sweet potato, sweet potato, mango, papaya, because it contributes to the function of the lungs to be better Promote the respiratory system And build a strong immune system
  3. Chelation Therapy This is the process of expelling metal toxins from the body. Help clear the blood vessels to work better. It is a treatment that must be under the supervision of a physician. It is a treatment that has been accepted and certified by the Bureau of Alternative Medicine. Thai Ministry of Public Health And supported by research By the Food and Drug Administration from the United States

In addition to taking care of yourself Exercise is also important not to be overlooked. Should keep the body warm all the time. For good blood circulation Exercise can be done anytime, anywhere.There is no need to go for a run in the park if you are afraid you risk getting PM 2.5 dust, but you can choose to do it indoors. Small body movements Such as yoga, push ups, home activities that trigger sweat This is also a supplement to keep the body strong. It can resist PM 2.5 microscopic dust in another way. Now you can place application for credit free casino to place a bet.

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