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Video poker is the result of an illegitimate but exquisite marriage between traditional poker and the slot machine. This enfant terrible offers us a game that combines reflection, suspense, luck, but also bonuses. It requires a little strategy and provides just as much excitement as either of its parents, requires as much patience as poker, but it has the advantage of being much more interactive than a classic slot machine.

Rest assured, however, Video Poker is within everyone’s reach. You need to make a pin up login, and you will open the world of poker on the site of one of the best casinos in India. To win at Video Poker, you will need a good strategy, some video poker tricks and winning hands. The video poker game is based on 5-card poker (5-Draw): it is played on a computerized machine.

He is usually compared to the one-armed bandits of land-based casinos. But instead of reels, rows and paylines, you will be facing a poker hand. As in classic poker, you need a good knowledge of winning combinations in order to choose which cards to keep and which to eliminate. Also knowing the poker lexicon can also help you if you have no knowledge. Video Poker nevertheless has several variants that make its originality and success, the most popular being Jacks or Better.

Video poker machines are a bit like the mothers of slot machines since they arrived long before in hard.The success came in the 80s and since then there are no more video poker machines. You will find hundreds of versions, different options, but here we will tell you about what they have in common and especially how to play them. The success of video poker is due to its close connection with poker, but also because the game is much simpler, becoming more of a game of chance with a little thought. The strategy of a video poker game is the opposite of a poker game like Texas Hold’em. Yet the filiation is found in the hands and the combinations to be made, as well as distantly in the bet.

You are playing against the machine. The goal is to make combinations that you will find below. Each combination has a value and will multiply your bet! The stronger the hand, the higher the multiplier. If you have no combination, you lose your bet. Here no bluffing, no strategy, you just need to know the hands well and play your luck. Between caution and risk-taking, this is perhaps the most important strategy in video poker. Once on the video poker machine, you start by betting.

The betting range is as varied as there is video poker. This can range from a few INR cents to several dozen INR. Obviously the bigger you play, the more you can win the jackpot. Once wagered, you will have your five cards in front of you. You can either keep them all or change them all or select the one you change with the objective of having a combination in the second and last draw that will determine if you win or not.

Fans of games rooted in history will like video poker. Although online Video Poker is a recent invention, the game of Video Poker finds its source at the end of the nineteenth century. It is indeed counted among the very first games of chance and money. At the time, Video Poker consisted of a machine that was operated with a lever (similar to that of slot machines). In the early 70s, it was introduced in Las Vegas as an alternative game to the classic slot machine, which, despite its local and international popularity, lacked interaction. Video poker was very clearly responding to a growing demand: that of a game of chance whose final result can nevertheless be influenced. Then, in the 80s, Video Poker was adopted by players who wanted to taste the pleasures of poker without necessarily having to play with several, or in other words, without competing against opponents.

Video Poker was therefore predestined to become an online game. Its compatibility explains its success in online casinos. With a lesser degree of technicality than a traditional poker, it is at the same time more attractive than a slot machine with frozen graphics, perfect mix of reflection and chance, and combines both tricks, strategies and bonuses, for better winnings.

In order to strengthen your chances of winning at the game of Video Poker, it is worth learning the basics of the game. Video Poker and Classic Poker both share the same goal: to get the best possible combination, that is, the strongest. So, to begin with, you will need to memorize the different hands and understand their meaning.

Video Poker nevertheless has several variants, each with its own peculiarities, its betting system and its payouts, you will have to learn them on the job, trying the game. Also it is always advisable to test the game online via the free version, before launching for real money. There are many very popular versions of the Video Poker game: Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Super Jackpot, Tens or Better, Jackpot Deuces, or Aces and Faces. All of them are inspired by the traditional Five Card Draw in which you need to get the strongest possible combination with 5 cards in hand. Winning hands do not differ from traditional Poker: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Square, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Double Pair and Pair. The Royal Flush is the hand that will pay you the most. The rest, on the other hand, is distinguished according to the variant of the game and each has its tricks, winning hands and strategies that pay off. Some variants have additional features, such as wild cards, progressive jackpots or multi-hand games. In some variants, it is possible to play up to 100 hands in each game. Likewise the pay tables differ depending on the game, before you start, take a look at them, they will allow you to know the ones that will make you win the most money.

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