Photo Restoration & Colorize Photo Online in Two Steps 

The new generation always likes something new and unique. We all are running before the old traditional themes and unique features of the old times. The present generation is always attracted more by the old themes and melodies. Different designers, photographers, decoration experts are gaining more popularity and attention just because of their old themes of traditions. Photography has gained so much hype in today’s world that the photographers have used all the themes and color grading techniques up till now. 

Now they want to work more uniquely because of this they move towards the old traditional ways of photography and color grading. Black and white photographs are again in the market value as people like the old themes of weddings and other ceremonies. It becomes very attractive when you use a black and white theme on your special occasion just as it was used in ancient times. The rising demand for black and white photographs forces different IT service providers to hire a proper editor or a paid website. 

Imgkits Photo Restoration

If you are in search of a proper website that can help you to change your colorful photograph into black and white then we’ll help you in this regard. Imgkits is an online free website for photo editing which provides you with the best services. The given article will provide you with all the information regarding Imgkits and how to change a photograph to a black and white theme.

Process of Photo Restoration

Black and white photography is a source of attraction and uniqueness for different occasions. We always want to look different, hence we try different filters for photo editing tools just to fulfill our need for beauty. Imgkits provide you with all the tools of editing at one platform in just a few clicks. The most simple way of changing a photograph from a color to a black and white photograph is on Imgkit’s website. 

You just need to open up the Imgkits website on your browser and you will see different editing tools present on the main screen. Now you just need to do 2 simple steps which can change your photo into a black and white photo using the Imgkits website. The steps are given below:

  • Select the Photo Restoration tool from all the tools available on the screen. In the Restoration tool, you will find different options like inPaint, defogging, photo colorization, etc. Select photo colorization to change a colorful photograph to black and white as well as it also changes a black and white photograph to a colorful one. 
  • After selecting the tool the system will ask you to upload your photograph. After uploading, within just two seconds the website will work on the photograph. A black and white picture will appear on the screen according to your desire and now you can further edit it if you want.

When you are done with editing you can download the picture by selecting the download option. The downloaded image would be in PNG format and it would be saved on your device automatically. 


Black and white photographs are again gaining popularity in the younger generation. One of the best websites for free photo editing is Imgkits. The website only takes five seconds to completely change your picture into a black and white photo. The simplest way of changing a photograph is discussed above. Any person who is in search of a photo editing tool would benefit from the photo restoration tool of Imgkits.

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