Phenom Penh’s most popular coworking spaces

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It’s a thrilling lifestyle to be a digital nomad. In coworking spaces, you can travel the world, learn about other cultures, and earn a living while doing so. Phenom Penh is an ideal destination for a digital nomad because of its rising number of coworking spaces and inexpensive living and accommodation prices. Free wifi and workstations are available in a wide variety of attractive coffee shops. It has become a popular location for digital nomads among the most popular coworking spaces in Phenom Penh as the city’s development bells ring.

Even though the concept of a coworking space is new to Phenom Penh, the city is gradually establishing itself as a destination where ex-pats, remote workers, and digital nomads can interact, work, and prosper. You’ll be in awe of Cambodia’s stunning landscapes and ancient monuments when you visit the country. Phenom Penh is a popular place for digital nomads, in addition to being a significant tourist destination.

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Factory Workspace 1 is located in the city’s southern business sector. As a workspace for digital entrepreneurs and creative nomads, the friendly environment and beautifully planned interior will be the ideal place to work. In this peaceful setting, you’ll be able to put your thinking cap on and provide your best effort. This facility provides a communal workspace where creative minds may learn, collaborate, and grow together. Many meeting rooms and an open hotdesk are available for use. When it comes to finding a place to call home, the Workplace is the best option. For those who need a break from the heat, they offer free beer and coffee, as well as a nap area and air-conditioned rooms within プノンペンの人気コワーキングスペース.

Access to high-speed, free wifi, standing workstations; photo studios; projectors; computer printers; and green screens are all available to members of our community. There are specific locations where people can relax and mingle. Ping-pong, trampoline, library, and meditation room are just some of the facilities available. It’s a beautiful blend of business, life, and fun. The cost of the home includes all of these amenities. It costs $280 per month for a private office, $120 for a dedicated workstation, and $8 per day for a hot desk

Entrepreneurs, small creative groups, and extensive business teams alike can all find a home here in the city’s center. Everyone will have a space to sit in their vast rooms. A private meeting room is available to members who have paid an additional fee for access. Community events and training courses, on the other hand, are available to all members of the public. In addition to an outside patio, a library, free parking, and 24-hour access to their members’ club, you’ll be able to relax in a lounge area with beanbags and chat with other members.


Phenom Penh’s SmallWorld is a coworking space for startups and digital nomads. With its vast estate, SmallWorld is an ideal place for young individuals with big ideas to work. With free high-speed internet and air-conditioned rooms, as well as a cafe, co-living accommodations, a lounge space, and an outdoor terrace where members can enjoy complimentary coffee and tea, the facility offers a wide range of amenities for its members. Members have access to all of these options. Pets are welcome to join, and there are many opportunities for members to learn and communicate with one other, test their ideas, and make their dreams come to life. An open hotdesk for $100 per month, a $120 monthly dedicated desk for $120, and a $7 daily pass are included in this deal.


This coworking space, which just opened its doors to the public, is already proving to be a fantastic resource for the education, networking, and personal growth of its patrons. In a renovated and large residence, it has high ceilings and sandblasted glass walls. The area, which has been lovingly built, is adorned with modern, plain, and brilliant colors. It has large windows and little balconies that let in a lot of natural light. There’s a lot of natural light, and it’s also comfy and open. There are both Cambodian and foreign businessmen in the neighborhood.