PDFBear: Converting Your Documents Into Any File Format You Want!

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Documents play an important and essential role in people’s lives. It’s generally used to compose and write letters, articles, reports, records, and many more. The most common format is a Portable Document Format or regularly known as PDF file. PDF produces various features that are frequently proper for any file format.

PDFBear’s incredible features and tools are your best buddy to convert and operate your documents the easy and comfortable way. Working professionals and students are the best market for this as converting documents is part of their work and projects. Here are PDFBear’s features and how you can utilize them.

How To Convert With PDFBear

PDFBear is an online converter that can convert any document into various file formats of your choice. Using this website provides several conversion tools and features that you can choose from, such as PDF to Excel, HTML, PPT, JPG, or Word Convert to PDF since you can also convert the other way around. Here are some of the PDFBears tools you can utilize.

  • Convert A Word Document Into A PDF File

To begin with, all of PDFBear’s tools are free of charge. There is no need to cut your budget to be able to use anything on their website. One favored tool is the Word to PDF tool. There are certain moments wherein a particular document must be transformed into a PDF format as it’s much easier to read, scan, and print out of it.

PDFBear can help you with transforming your file into a PDF. The first step is to go to their website and choose the Word to PDF tool. After selecting, you can now upload your desired file into the designated box, or you can drag and drop it for an uncomplicated technique. Wait for a while before saving your converted PDF file into your device.

  • Convert A PDF File into A JPG Format

It’s important to know what specific tool you’re trying to convert or transform a particular document. For example, if you wish to alter or modify your document without considering extracting an original part of the content, after trying to convert it into your desired format might be a little confusing and complicated. But PDFBear will help you.

To convert a PDF to JPG, the first thing you must do is visit PDFBear’s website and search for the PDF to JPG tool. Then, select and upload your selected file to convert into a JPG format into the toolbox. And wait for a few minutes while it’s analyzing and correcting your document before you can save it.

You also have the option to share and send it to your friends or colleagues. There are two choices. If you wish to send it through email, click the email option and type the receiver’s email address on the first toolbox, and on the second toolbox, you put your email address as well. Sharing via link is copy and paste the shareable link into your preferred online platform.

  • Convert A PDF File Into PPT

If you want to make your presentation alive and creative, converting it into a Powerpoint presentation will be the best option. You’re not just being creative but also being informative while making it not dull. You can add images, shapes, texts, and any more on each slide and show your creative side.

The procedure to do so is quick and straightforward. The first step is to select and upload the selected file into the designated toolbox or drag and drop it. You also have the choice to upload it from your computer or through a cloud system like Google Drive. After uploading, It will immediately start the process before downloading the file.

  • Repair Damaged Or Corrupted Files

One great feature of PDFBear is its ability to fix and repair documents that have been damaged, corrupted, or broken into their original form. This will surely save your time not making a new one and trying to retype everything. Some broken or corrupted files are usually caused by viruses, malware, or technical errors. 

To retrieve your document, select and upload the corrupted file into the toolbox. PDFBear will instantly start the repairing process, and all you have to do is wait for a moment before you can start saving your new file. 


These are just some of its tools. PDFBear provides more features like Compressing, Splitting, Merging, Unlocking files, and putting passwords to secure your documents. PDFBear is a reliable online converter that can help you get through whatever you need with your papers. It’s the best converter tool, buddy.