Parx as a Symbol of Workplace Diversity in Pennsylvania

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The National Medical Association published a study that was done in 2019. One of the major points that stand out in the report is that in the health sector, diversity promotes improved financial performance and better patient care.

Parx casino learned this secret a while ago and began to embrace diversity in its entire business. Diversity has reflected positively on Parx casino, and other businesses in the region are learning from Parx.

The numbers

In a predominantly white community area, Parx casino stands out like a unique island. The company has workers from nearly every ethnic group in the US and employs professionals who identify themselves as white, black, Hispanic, and Asian.

Parx’s Pennsylvania online casino is not left out as it also employs a considerable number of minorities to embrace total diversity. Looking at the numbers, Parx Casino has employed about two thousand workers. Out of this number, 46 percent are black, Asian, and Hispanic.

A report released by PA Gaming Control Board reveals that a quarter of Parx’s senior employees are from the minorities.

Keeping an important tradition

According to workplace diversity laws, no one should be discriminated against based on their race, sex, color, or religion. Ron Davis, the chief diversity officer, confirms that Parx Casino has been in the front line to ensure diversity for over 15 years. During recruitment processes, the Parx management makes sure they hire workers from a variety of backgrounds.

A look at the Parx Careers portal shows more than sixteen different positions waiting to be filled. In the portal, the company makes it clear that it doesn’t hire based on skin color, race, religion, or any other issue protected by law. The company’s commitment is only to give the best services to its customers.

Benefiting from diversity

If you visit Parx casino looking forward to entertaining yourself, you will love the wide diversity of its workers who serve you joyously. According to Kevin Putman, a company that employs workers from diverse backgrounds benefit from diversified perspectives.

This is something Parx management can confirm. Today, a large number of customers who visit Parx are from all backgrounds. It works against a company when customers visit only to find that all its workers are from a specific ethnicity. But when they find workers from diverse ethnicities, they feel comfortable and return many times.

To the business, diversity inclusivity has greater advantages. It reflects positively in their balance sheet due to increased profits. Markets that were given little attention in the past have become important ones now. Parx Casino is receiving visitors from all backgrounds, genders, and races. Today, other companies in the region that want to include diversity in their businesses learn from Parx’s example.