Pain Management; What You Need To Know

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Pain is an uncomfortable feeling or experience that impacts your life negatively. Whatever the cause of your pain, it’s obvious everyone wants to eliminate the pain as fast as they can. Pain may occur as acute or chronic depending on the cause of the pain.

The most common causes of pain include injuries, diseases, surgery complications, among others. Typically, most individuals use painkillers to alleviate their pain, but a Matawan pain management specialist may have a better solution for you. Visit them today at NJ Spine and Wellness for all pain treatments.

What is pain management?

Pain management is a medical field that involves various techniques to minimize and relieve pain. Pain may cause various severe issues in your physical and mental health, including depression and mobility difficulties. Pain management helps prevent severe effects of pain and enhance faster healing.

The procedures differ from conservative therapies to more advanced and surgical techniques.

NJ Spine and Wellness uses modern techniques to provide pain relief for various pain conditions. The team focuses on determining the cause of your pain and providing appropriate solutions for long-lasting results.

Some of the familiar sources of pain include

  •       Herniated discs
  •       Back and neck pain
  •       Accidents
  •       Pinched nerves
  •       Joint pain
  •       Spinal stenosis
  •       Sciatica
  •       Failed surgeries
  •       Cancer treatments
  •       Sports injuries
  •       Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •       Exercise stressRead More About: tnmachi

The pain management team at NJ Spine and Wellness provide extensive care for various chronic pain conditions. They carry out comprehensive diagnoses, including X-rays and ultrasounds, stimulation tests, pain scales, MRI.

What are the various pain management treatments?

Pain management treatment ranges from medical to non medical to surgical treatments depending on the severity of your pain. NJ Spine and Wellness uses non-invasive pain management treatments, including

Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections are specific body areas that are highly sensitive, causing chronic pain. Injecting the areas with steroid and anaesthetic combinations relieves the sensation and enhances temporary pain relief.

Spinal cord stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation involves spinal nerve stimulation that disrupts the signal communication with the brain, leading to less pain. The procedure involves implantation to fit the spinal cord stimulator and a remote device to control.

Class IV LiteCure laser therapy.

Also known as deep tissue laser therapy. The procedure uses light energy to enhance cellular energy production, promoting the healing process.

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X-ray guided injection therapy.

This minimally invasive treatment involves your provider injecting an anti-inflammatory steroid into your joints. The technique provides pain relief for up to several months.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine offers naturally occurring components such as cells to activate and enhance tissue growth and repair. Stem cells and platelet-rich plasma are the most common regenerative medicine techniques.

Other pain management techniques may include

  •       Physical therapy
  •       Massage therapy
  •       Acupuncture
  •       Surgery
  •       Radiofrequency ablation
  •       Pain medicines

Benefits of pain management

  •       Highly effective offering long-lasting results
  •       Improves circulation improving your overall wellness
  •       Enhances relaxation
  •       Improved moods
  •       Better sleep

Talk to a pain management specialist today

Chronic pain can make your life unbearable and even steal your happiness, leading to an unfulfilled life. Pain management treatments help relieve your pain and enhance healing for long-lasting solutions. Consult NJ Spine and Wellness pain management specialists for effective pain-reliever outcomes.

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