Online Wallet- Why Use Tezbox

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You must have heard of an open-source platform called Tezos. This is a platform for applications and assets to evolve and upgrade.Now, one needs a secure Tezos wallet if one plans to use this platform and store its tokens. And this is where Tezbox comes in.

It is a vault or wallet that streamlines payments and DAPP integration. It is often called a Tezos wallet and it is a multi-platform vault. It is, in fact, the very first GUI wallet that was released for Tezos on the internet. Being a very credible and reputed application, this wallet will secure your Tezos like no other.

But before we learn more about this, you need to know more about Tezos why you need to secure them. So read on!


Tezos (XTZ) isa decentralized blockchain network that is used by many. It promotes community governance amongst its users. If the protocol is to be changed, then the decision for the same is taken through a community consensus. If you are a member of Tezos, then you hold a vote during such decision making situations. This means you can vote to change or not change the network.

This network has inspired many crypto-currency users. This is because of how Tezos makes all its members and users the front-runners in its decision making processes. The site, as you might know, works through XRZ tokens. As a user, you will be the owner of many tokens.


Now, the one problem that Tezos faces in its platform is a secure way to store these XTZ tokens. The importance and value of these tokens only make it more obvious that one needs secure storage for Tezos XTZ tokens if they are a member of Tezos. And it cannot be just any online wallet that you can use to store your tokens.

What Tezos required was an official wallet system for this use. They wanted a system to help their users safely store their tokens. But to date, no official wallet has been made for storing XTZ tokens. So the next best option for all members became third-party apps.

Many third-party apps can be used as a wallet or vault for your XRZ tokens. Now, your next priority is to choose the best one among them. And that is why we are here to help you. We have found for you a great third-party app that you can use as a secure wallet for your XTZ tokens.


While looking for a wallet app for your Tezos tokens, you need to look at numerous factors before deciding in on one. So here are a few things you can keep in your mind while you look for the best app:

  • Security of the wallet
  • Community support provided
  • Ease of use of the app
  • The functionality of the application
  • Accessibility
  • Ability to stake your Tezos tokens


The best third-party app that you can use as a secure and safe wallet for your XTZ tokens is Tezbox. It is a great multi-platform application for your needs. All your requirements can be fulfilled by using this one application.

This application can be used as both an online wallet as well as a desktop application. This makes this app extremely accessible to a lot of people. So you can use it on your computer or your smartphone or even your tablet. This compatibility is another reason why this is so popular among Tezos members as a way to save and store your XTZ tokens.

This particular wallet application was developed and made by the many members of the Tezos community. It was first released for the XTZ tokens of all Tezos users during the ICO period for the token.Many advantages and benefits make people choose this vault application over other third-party apps.


Along with the app being both an online and desktop application, the wallet is also compatible with both Windows and MacOS systems. As it is supported on both of them, users find the app even more accessible and flexible. This has become another reason for people who are members of Tezos to use this vault app.

Another great thing about this wallet app is that it has a Chrome extension too. So you can use this also to store your Tezos XTZ tokens. Now, if you are an Android or iOS user, then you will be very pleased to know something. The Android and iOS versions of this application are under development and will soon be available for public use.

This will make the application even more user-friendly as well as accessible. And if you are a Linux user, then you need not fear as well. A Linux version of the same is also being developed and will soon be available online. You can download that version once it is released and till then, you can continue to use the online or desktop version for your Tezos needs. 

This wallet app has also been developed and improved to support both Trezor and Ledger integration. This is truly yet another reason for you to choose this application. One thing to keep in mind is that the Ledger website does not show this support for Tezos.

But on the other hand, the Trezor one does show their support. Bearing this in mind, it is safe to say that Trezor might be better supported out of the 2 given solutions.And considering privacy is a huge factor in choosing an application, you can rest assured that this wallet app as public as well as private addresses does not leave the users device no matter what.

So in short, Tezbox is the perfect third-party wallet application for storing and securing your Tezos XTZ tokens. Your search for a vault-app for Tezos ends here. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose either the online or desktop version of the app now itself! And keep your Tezos tokens safe.