Online Poker Tournaments 101: 4 Ways To Improve Your Chances of Winning

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If you are a beginner in online poker, you probably play low-stake or practice games. As you continue growing, you can try out online poker tournaments. Online poker tournaments provide an opportunity to compete against other avid poker players. Therefore, as a participant, you should be well-versed in the game and have top-notch skills.

Success in online poker demands discipline. With a good understanding of the game, you can win a significant amount. Read on for four ways to improve your chances of winning online poker tournaments.

Use Final Table Bubble And Money To Your Benefit

As you draw closer to the money during an online poker tournament such as a WPT poker tournament, most people will adjust their strategy and go into survival mode. At such times, keeping a stack that you can apply pressure on for big bets and raises will benefit you. Hence, take advantage of players with small stacks as a big jump comes up and put them at risk of bursting from the tournament.

C-Bet Less Often

Modern poker tournament players are way advanced, and most will punish you if you consistently c-bet. While this does not prohibit c-betting, you should set your strategy right. Instead of focusing on what’s in your hands, check the board texture and how to connect with your opponents.

While you may have boards that did not connect on your hands, you should c-bet on those that heavily hit your range. Lastly, c-bet on smaller boards with few drawing options and bigger draw heavy boards, as these bets will achieve their desired effects.

Set A Plan For Future Streets In The WPT Poker Tournament

Playing a WPT poker tournament requires you to set a plan for every potential outcome. Hence, every time you make a continuous bet, consider the implications, such as your opponent’s reaction, the turn cards that will be good for you to bet on, and whether to check the pot control turn. Asking yourself these questions before putting the chips into the pot will give you an advantage over your opponents, who could be glued on the current street.

Defend Your Big Blind

Usually, a raise will allow you to win the blinds and antes risk-free. At the same time, defending your big blind against these raises is a technique worth embracing to win the WPT poker tournament. Your strategy should comprise most of the play from the big blind, as you want to fold them when you face a raise from previous positions.

Since most players have the tendency for small raises, defending most of the hands is ideal, as the big blind will get pot odds for such calls. Splitting your defense range between calls and 3-bets will allow you to win the pot preflop or know your equity on the streets. Generally, suited and connected hands will play excellently in multi-way solutions, while hands with a high card will be sufficient to defend heads-up.

Lastly, watch out on big blind defense against early position raises. The latter range will be stronger, requiring you to have stronger hands for equity against them.

Improve Your Skills By Competing In An Online Poker Tournament

Playing poker is fun but challenging. The game becomes enjoyable as you learn new techniques from playing online tournaments. Through consistency and dedication, you can master the above tips and become an avid poker player.