On-Boarding a New Client in Logistics: Everything You Should Know

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For business owners, it’s quite a difficult task to find a reliable and competent logistics partner. There are hundreds of freight shipping companies on the modern market. No wonder, making the right choice is quite difficult. At the same time, brokers have to prepare entrepreneurs for proper and effective cooperation. The thing is that logistics has lots of its own rules and patterns. And if both shippers and carriers want to achieve the best results, it’s important to understand how it works.

The onboarding process for new clients encompasses several significant aspects. They are:

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  • Acquaintance with the chosen logistics broker.

It’s up to the broker to provide potential clients with all the needed information about his or her work, available logistics solutions, and feasible options. If you are a broker and are sure that customers may find the needed details on the Internet, you are wrong. Although the Net provides users with lots of information and useful facts, not all of them are accurate or correct. The use of wrong data may lead to misunderstandings or even mistakes.

  • Evaluation of needs and requirements.

If you really want to gain as many new shippers as possible, it’s up to you to help them with all possible logistics problems or difficulties. Thus, the greater part of entrepreneurs is not able to define the needs of their business correctly. Brokers with cool experience are able to cope with this task in no time. You can help your clients to find the best logistics solution.

  • Preparation of all the needed papers.

Paperwork is one of the most time and energy-consuming steps in transportation. Moreover, if you deal with expedited trucking companies it’s necessary to prepare one set of documents while for air transportation or sea shipping the papers should be different.

Of course, if you have to gather and process the papers for your clients, this point should be included in the final bill. At the same time, if you desire just to help, you can provide customers with some tips on how to fill out some forms. Moreover, nowadays there are lots of online documents that help to cope with paperwork easier and without great problems.

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It’s of prime importance to find the most convenient and effective ways to stay in touch with your clients. For business owners, it’s also necessary important to know that they are able to receive all the needed information in no time. Thanks to innovative technologies, it becomes easier to follow the movements of the cargo without great problems.

  • Payment procedures.

Your customers should realize what they are paying for. It’s your task to provide them with clear explanations of how much your services cost and what the payments include. You should not forget about fees and various extra options.

So, it’s the task not only of the business owner to do everything possible to organize freight forwarding in the best way. It’s also the task of logistics brokers to make effort in order to make the process of transportation as smooth and convenient as possible.

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