NBA 23 – New Badges Revealed! (Part 2)

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We’ve already covered the new Badges that will be introduced for Finishing and Shooting, so Part 2 today will dive into the remaining ones to be introduced for Playmaking and Defensive.

Badges are extraordinary bonuses that improve an NBA 23 player above and beyond their overall ratings and stats.

Previously, we have already explored Finishing and Shooting Badges that will be added into the game, besides those that have been removed.

This time, it is the Playmaking and Defensive Badges turn to be shared, completing the whole reveal:



  • New Badges:
    • Killer Combos
      • Improves ability to do size-up dribbles
    • Clamp Breaker
      • Increases chances of winning 1v1 physical confrontations against opponents
    • Vice Grip
      • Tightens hold on the ball immediately after catching it upon a rebound or loose ball
    • Mismatch Expert
      • Smaller guards fare better against taller defenders on 1v1 (previously a Shooting Badge)
    • Removed Badges:
      • Bullet Passer, Downhill, Glue Hands, Stop & Go


  • New Badges:
    • Anchor
      • Improves chances to block and challenge shots inside the paint area
    • Box Out Beast
      • Makes it easier to hold off opponents during offensive and defensive rebounds
    • Work Horse
      • Increases stamina to hustle and challenge opposition players for the ball
    • Glove
      • Improves ability to steal the ball from opponents who are lining up a shot or ball-handling
    • Challenger
      • Makes it easier to challenge opponents trying to make perimeter shots
    • Removed Badges:
      • Defensive Leader

In-game Badges give you more options to consider for MT, especially during the beginning stages.

You will inevitably start with mid-tier player cards in the beginning, but if you can get some with invaluable Badges like these, that would make a world of difference for your winning streaks!

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