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Have you organized a “movie night” with friends but, between one engagement and another, you were unable to go to the store to buy a DVD or Blu-Ray? Tonight on TV they do not give anything interesting and are you therefore looking for a film to see on the sofa with the whole family? If this is the way things are, I have the solution for you: in the next few lines, in fact, I want to talk to you about services dedicated to watching movies in streaming .

How do you say? Don’t you know them? Read on and don’t worry, you will see that this tutorial will be of great help to you. Whatever your cinematic tastes are, I’m sure that, thanks to the numerous platforms I’m about to tell you about, you will find the movie that’s right for you. There are now many services that can be used by computers, but also smartphones, tablets or directly TVs, which you can make use of. Obviously these are completely legal platforms, let’s make it clear immediately.

You can visit or to watch free movies online.

That said, if you’re eager to find out more, I suggest you sit nice and comfy. Take a few minutes of free time and carefully read the advice I have prepared for you, in order to identify the service that best suits your needs. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good vision!

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Free services to watch movies in streaming

To watch streaming movies , you can first of all turn to some free and completely legal services, which allow you to view the multimedia contents of their catalog from your computer, but also from smartphones and tablets. I’ll tell you about it in detail below.

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One of the most famous Web services that allow you to watch streaming movies for free in a legal manner is VVVVID , a Web platform also accessible from smartphones and tablets, through the homonymous free app for Android  and  iOS . Its strong point is the rich catalog of multimedia contents, which are divided between films, TV series, anime and original shows, some of which are also recently released.

If you want to watch a movie in streaming via VVVVID from a computer, smartphone or tablet, connect to the home page of the service or download the application via the links provided, then create an account: procedure that you can complete by pressing the button with the Facebook logo  , or by filling out the registration form that is proposed to you.

After creating an account, press the Movies category located in the top menu, locate the film you are interested in seeing among those available in the catalog and, after selecting it, press the Watch button .

Popcorn TV

Another free platform I want to tell you about is Delta Pictures’ Popcorn TV , which can be used by computers but also smartphones and tablets using a browser (as there is no dedicated application).

This service mainly hosts American films, but also TV series and soap operas; its strong point is that it can be used without having to register. Unfortunately, however, it must be noted that most of the contents in the catalog are a bit dated, and it is difficult to find recently released films.

Nevertheless, if you want to use this service, connect to its Streaming section by clicking on the link indicated, then, once displayed, click on one of the items relating to film genres, in order to see the list of all available films.

Now, locate the film you are interested in playing and click first on its poster and then on the ▶ button, if it does not play automatically, after a few commercials.

Other free platforms

In addition to the previously mentioned services, there are also other noteworthy ones, such as those that allow you to watch TV channels in live streaming . Here are some examples of those you can consider.

  • RaiPlay  ( Web / Android / iOS ) – this is the free platform that allows you to review on demand programs, films and TV series aired in the clear on Rai television channels. This service is accessible from computers, but also from Android and iOS devices, through the application of the same name.
  • Mediaset Play ( Web / Android / iOS ) – is the free platform of Mediaset, usable from a computer but also from an application of the same name for Android and iOS, which allows you to review the programs, in on-demand mode, the films and TV series broadcast in clear on Mediaset television channels. You can find more details on how it works in my tutorial where
  • MyMovies Live ( Web ) – is a free platform that mainly proposes the viewing of independent films, some of which come from the most famous film festivals. This is an atypical Internet site, as after registration, it functions as if it were a virtual cinema. In fact, to watch the films you have to wait for an event and then virtually reserve your seat. If you want to watch movies in on demand mode, however, you need to subscribe to the service, whose prices start at € 1.99 per week.

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