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In recent years, with the progress in the sphere of technology and the access of people to the electronic world, there were new possibilities that stepped forward in the global community. Currently we are facing many new options that are trying to make life easier for users around the world especially in the field of finance and banking. In this article we will write about monese and its financial services, how it can be useful for all users around the world and we will know more about the connection between this platform and Paypal.

Monese & Its Services

As mentioned before, Monese is an online platform that provides users with free money accounts. Users will be able to spend, save and transfer money by these monese accounts as fast as possible and in a secure atmosphere. With monese special mobile app that is available for users around the world, users will be able to send money instantly, control their account and financial activities in a real time, top up their account as fast as possible and receive all notifications about their account as fast as possible. Customers can have a multi currency account for spending abroad and transferring easily to another country; also all transfers between monese accounts are free of charges and without any fees. Additionally, with monese debit Mastercards, users will be able to have contactless payments, cash money from any ATMs and spend simply when they are on trips abroad. It is worthy to mention that currently the monese users can link their Avios and Paypal accounts to control and track their funds all in one place and as easy as possible.

Monese With Paypal

In recent times, Monese made a new update and started a new cooperation with one of the famous electronic wallets in the world that is called Paypal. Shortly, today the monese users that are also Paypal customers, can use the monese services and freedom with the scales, security and speed of Paypal. If the users are from European countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK, they will be able to link their Paypal account with monese and control their funds in one place, they can add their monese cards to the Paypal digital wallet and also they will be able to choose monese as their preference way to pay with Paypal wallet. Currently users will be able to check their Paypal accounts by the monese, having a review about their financial activities in Paypal all from the monese mobile app. Should be mentioned that Monese is planning to provide these services to more countries in europe.


Definitely, in recent years, especially with the difficulties like pandemics around the world, the issue of money transfer has become more important for people than before. However we believe that monese with its special services and new cooperation with Paypal, can be a good solution for this problem all over the world.

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