Mobile Apps for Digital Nomads

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Digital Nomads can be found across the world and are constantly remote working with other collaborators dotted across the globe in different time zones and situations.

Below we feature Mobile Apps for Digital Nomads that make remote working simple, easy and convenient.

XE Currency Converter Mobile App

With the XE Currency Converter Mobile Digital Nomad App, users can easily check exchange rates, send an international money transfer or research currency markets. If you’re sending money overseas you can also use this App to track your money transfers as well, all in one place.

If you are a digital nomad App Developer you can send international money transfers with accurate rates for global currencies at any time.

Users sending or transferring funds will always know where their money is, from the moment you confirm your transfer to when it is sent out. XE Currency Converter Mobile Digital Nomad App users can also easily check the status of chosen currencies today or anytime in the past as well.

Canva – All your Design Needs

The Canva Mobile App Development makes video and graphic design accessible for everyone with tools for editing photos, videos and much more, all in one.

Even if you’re new to design, The Canva Mobile Digital Nomad App allows users to stand out with eye-catching Instagram stories, flyers, e-brochures photo collages and more.

Everything you need to create your designs are in-built with free stock photos, digital videos, music for the background, drawings, illustrations, professional styled templates and many more.

The Canva App also makes it very easy to share your design with family, friends or your project team. Canva is available across many devices such as a tablet, desktop and online, anytime, anywhere.

Wise (Formerly TransferWise)

The Wise (Formerly TransferWise) Mobile Digital Nomad App is used by over 10 million users across more than 170 countries to send and receive monies. 

Wise is for Digital Nomads that look for a value for money transfer solution with low fees and instant transfers to over eighty nations. 

Wise App users can also receive a debit card to spend or withdraw money in more than two-hundred destinations and you can even get paid in multiple currencies for any freelance work you may do, with a real account so you can be paid fast and secure with notification alerts for every transaction.

Every Time Zone – Always be on Time

Digital nomads are spread out across the globe and this means having to work with colleagues, contractors or clients all around the world, in every time zone. 

Although it’s always possible to search for time zones, when it comes to multiple contacts this means you have to remember which city, they’re in and then do the math.

Your brain also may let you down and this may mean you might arrive late to a conference call because you forgot it was daylight savings time etc.

With the Every Time Zone Mobile Digital Nomad App, users can avoid all the confusion regarding time zones and quickly have your whole team on the same page.

Using this App, users can furthermore pick times that work for everyone with just a few clicks and share meetings in a way that makes everyone feel included, welcome and updated.

Google Translate – Speak Global Languages

Google Translate is a must have Mobile Digital Nomad App for all modern Digital Nomads and users can translate between hundreds of languages.

If you have any text to be translated simply copy and paste into Google Translate and you will have the result in seconds. Users can also learn new languages and save phrases and words for later reference. 

It’s also possible to translate languages with no internet connection as well in offline mode using the Google Translate Mobile Android App Development.


Modern Mobile Applications (Apps) for Digital Nomads help empower users to continue to work normally irrespective of their time zone or location.

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