Medical online services on Truemeds

Truemeds is India’s online medicine delivery app made for every citizen. This is because the online medicine delivery app offers great medical online services to its customers.

Medical online services offered by Truemeds to citizens of India are:

  • Is a safe app to use:

The online medicine delivery app of Truemeds is licensed under the government of India. Thus, it is safe to use by the customers.

It sells CDSCO tested and approved medicines. Therefore, there is no chance of you receiving expired, adulterated, or fake medicines.

Customers can safely add their details on the website of Truemeds without thinking of getting scammed.

  • Shows convenience:

Truemeds is made for everyone, including the elderly, disabled persons, and less educated people. Anyone can order from this simple to use app from the ease of their chair, without moving a leg.

The online medicine delivery app is designed to be simple and doesn’t have confusing or complicated options. It allows every person to understand and use it.

You can order medicines without searching their name on the app. You can easily upload a picture of the prescription on the app.

  • Saves a lot of time:

With Truemeds, you don’t have to go to the pharmacy and wait in the queue.

One of the best medical online services of Truemeds is that it helps save a lot of time. It helps busy or strictly scheduled people to order medicines within a few minutes.

  • Sells cost-effective medicines:

The online medicine delivery app contributes its bit by offering reasonable cost of medicines to its customers. It provides a huge discount of up to 72% on every medicine. This allows customers to buy medicines without focusing on the budget.

Among other medical online services of Truemeds, it even offers various promo codes, rewards, and coupons.

  • Offers a range of medicines:

Truemeds wants its customers to have a great range of choices on medicines. It helps customers to buy medicines according to their convenience and budget.

The online medicine delivery app supplies medicines from the top 30 Indian manufacturers.

  • Delivers medicine safely during covid-19 times:

The online medicine delivery app is well aware of the situation outside. It is following every safety protocol to protect its customers from infection.

Every order of medicines is sanitized and delivered safely outside the house. The executives follow every protocol, wear masks, and sanitize themselves at all times.

  • Provides free doctor consultation:

It is the best service among other medical online services offered by Truemeds. It helps people who find difficulty in conversing about their health issues directly to the doctor.

The service is free of cost and allows customers to learn about their health conditions or medicines without leaving their homes.

  • Provides reliable customer support:

In case of any issue, the online medicine delivery app has provided customer service for its customers. This competent customer service helps customers by resolving their issues.

Because of competency, returns and refunds are easy with Truemeds.

These are some of the medical online services offered by Truemeds. To know more about them, try Truemeds now!

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