Meaning Of Memory Foam Mattress

Let us try to know the background information about memory foam before we do a comparison between memory foam with gel foam mattresses. Memory foam was first time introduced by NASA for space missions. It was introduced in 1960. 

However, its popularity has increased in the recent few decades and people are using this material for pillows and mattresses. Traditional foams are petroleum products and are made from viscoelastic substances. This substance is well-known for its energy absorbent and also helps in the distribution of body weight on its entire surface if it is used in the bed. 

What is memory foam?

Memory foam as already mentioned above is derived from a petroleum product which is a type of polyurethane and also few chemicals are further added to increase its viscosity and also density. 

That is the reason it is also called viscoelastic material. This material is sensitive to weight and temperature. Due to its inherent property, it can easily take the shape of our body as well as conform to our body weight and temperature. 

As already mentioned above, it was developed by NASA and its purpose was to provide necessary protection to astronauts which were needed during their space travel so that they can be protected from various kinds of pressure that they may have to withstand during their space journey. The same NASA technology is applied to providing mattress comfort. 

As you lie on a memory foam mattress due to your body temperature it gets softened and your weight forms the shape of your body when you sleep which is the best mattress. Most of you must be sleeping on your back and thus it provides necessary support to your back and spine and it takes the shape of your back too. 

In case, you choose to sleep on any of your sides, the memory foam will provide the necessary support to your shoulder, hip, and many other pressure points of your body. As the pressure gets relieved, the foam again comes back to its original flat condition after a certain period. 

After that, it can easily support your body shape when you sleep on it next time. Hence it is called memory foam.   

Let us now discuss various pros and cons of the material in our memory foam mattress buying guide.


  • You can get very good support for your shoulders, hips as well as for your back. Those who are suffering from arthritis can get good relief from their pain as their hips and knees will get a lot of support from memory foam as there will be a minimum amount of pressure. Your whole-body shape will sink into the mattress.
  • You remain unaffected due to any movement of your sleeping partner as it is isolated as per his or her part of the mattress. In the case of latex foam or any spring type of mattresses, the whole bed is affected due to the movement of any of the partners. Another partner may wake up if the other partner is restless in bed. 
  • Due to the resilience of the memory foam, such mattresses will last much longer as compared to any other type of mattresses. The wearing out of such mattresses is much less as compared to any other type of mattresses.
  • Memory foam will also not allow the formation of bacteria or microorganisms. It can also resist the formation of mold, mildew, and another kind of allergens. Particularly those who have allergy problems with dust mites must prefer to use memory foam. 


  • Memory foam tends to retain the heat of the body and due to that the temperature of the bed sometimes rises and due to that many people have sleeping disturbances.
  • A sizeable number of people are not happy as memory foam takes their body shape and finally the temperature increases and sometimes people sweat too much while sleeping.
  •  Many people consider memory foam not very suitable for young children and particularly for an infant children. There can be chances of sudden death.

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