Materials used for cosplay props

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With the exception of the campus category, most of the current Comic-Con entries are large, ornate weapons and armor. Learning how to make your own cosplay props can save you money as well as provide you with multiple skills. Do you know anything about the various materials used to make props? Here is a little article that we would like to recommend to you, which is shared by our users, you can start with the materials and learn how to make a cosplay prop of your own.

About materials: There are actually many things that can be used as cosplay props.If you’re creative enough, balls, bottle caps, wires, paper, rag heads, etc. can all be used to make cosplay props.There are many places to buy materials, such as toy stores, hardware stores, or grocery markets and specialty stores for specialty items. There are so many things that can be used to make props, but in this article, we’ll focus on the large materials used to make props (large materials, in this case, are things that can be used as the main body or skeleton of a prop).


As I’m sure it’s been mentioned in many prop tutorials, EVA is a fairly common material nowadays, mainly used for armor, large weapons on the stage, monster skin, etc. In fact, EVA is a material used to make the soles of shoes, that is, the kind of flip-flops usually wear foam soles, so you can find in the shoe market, the price is not expensive. Remember to calculate your usage before you buy it.

The best thing about it is that it’s easy to shape. You can try different heating tools, such as alcohol lamps, lighters, candles, gas stoves, etc. EVA melts quickly, and the time of heating should be controlled, because the temperature of the various fires varies, so it is best to take a little material to try and master the heating time, while paying attention to safety. After heating, it is best to cool down quickly so that it can come out in a more accurate and beautiful shape. You can use the refrigerator or electric fan at home (it should be noted that the fan should not be too close to the alcohol lamp).

EVA cannot be sanded, but it can be painted. As the density of EVA is very low, large pores, so the direct paint is not, the secret is to paint always apply a thin layer of latex, paint evenly, and so on, after the dry can be smoothly painted. There is one more point worth noting: 502 glue for EVA is not useful. Using 502 will make EVA hard, the bond will become visible. It is better to use U glue. Of course, if you want to make an effect, you can first apply a layer of latex on the interface, and then apply 502 after it dries, which will be stronger.


PVC is a type of plastic, and the white water pipe you usually see is a type of PVC. PVC is generally expensive, and the harder it is, the more expensive it is. It is one of the hardest things in the “hand can cut”, PVC can be cut with a paper cutter, but is limited to the thickness of 3MM or less (including 3MM). 3MM or more can be considered to take it to the store to ask the master to cut, light box billboard stores will often use PVC board, so get it there. It is best if you draw the shape and bring it to the store.

PVC has special PVC glue, but 502 glue is enough to deal with it, you can also use U glue it, is slow drying only. PVC can also be polished, a certain thickness of the board can be polished out of the bevel, but the polished PVC but not too smooth, you need to use a lime latex mixture coated layer, polished smooth and then painted. PVC can also be heated and shaped in the same way as EVA, but the plasticity is not as strong as EVA. But plasticity is not as strong as EVA.


Wood is an ideal material for a wide range of cosplay props, as it can be carved with great hardness, but only if you know how to do woodworking. If you use wood, you need to compare and understand various kinds of woods, different woods have different characteristics. For example, cedar is lighter, but less dense and not suitable for carving or making curved shapes; plywood cannot be used to make bladed weapons, and is heavier. Also, wood is more expensive, but better materials can be used to make finer objects. However, I don’t particularly recommend wood, because sawing wood is really labor intensive.

If you use wood to make the material directly, that is, without a cover outside, when you need to paint directly on the wood, make sure to sand it smoothly, then paint it with a layer of varnish, and then paint it after it dries.

There are many more materials that you can use to make cosplay props, but again, as long as you have enough creativity, you can make excellent props no matter what kind of material you use. If you’re interested in making cosplay props, it’s a good idea to learn how to make them, and if you’re serious about it, you’ll find it fun and challenging. If you want to buy cosplay props, you should check out Cosplaylab, which has a full range of cosplay costume. It’s also a great site with great daily discounts.