Making walls from moss

Our catalog also has a natural moss wall buy which you can at a very competitive price. For production, we use high quality natural materials, so that your painting will be not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly.

Why buy a moss painting

Making walls from moss is carried out according to a clear algorithm. To begin with, moss is collected by hand. After all, only natural materials are used for manufacturing. Only the best varieties of moss are suitable for paintings, which can be found in forests in ecologically clean regions. Specialists choose only plants that have an ideal structure, thanks to which the paintings amaze with beauty.

Natural material is sorted several times to exclude plants that do not meet strict requirements. Further, the raw materials are processed with special solutions that replace natural juice. Thanks to the use of synthetic substances, it is possible to maintain the presentable appearance of the moss for a long time.

Due to the fact that the production of moss walls is made using stabilized moss, such paintings do not require special care. They do not need to be watered and fertilized. The appearance remains excellent for at least 10 years. You only need to periodically remove dust and dirt from the surface. So there will be much less problems than if you used fresh flowers.

Advantages of moss paintings

Also, buy a moss wall involves painting plants with a special paint. The paint is completely safe for people and animals, there are no toxic substances in the composition, so you will not have problems during operation. And you can place such a picture in absolutely any room: in the bathroom, bedroom or children’s room. Moss can be painted in absolutely any color. It all depends on the wishes and preferences of the client. We are able to realize even the most complex idea.

Moss is fixed on a special basis, which is also made of high quality natural materials. The base material is selected individually, because it all depends on the customer’s order.

Quality stabilized moss on the wall looks very stylish. So this element of decor will be the perfect complement to your interior, regardless of the chosen style. After all, our designers offer a wide range of available options for paintings.

You can choose one of the available options that are presented in our catalog. But our specialists can also make a picture according to your individual measurements. Please contact our managers if you need help with the choice and placing an order. The specialists of our company will be happy to help you solve all problems.

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