Make your leisure juicy with humorous jokes.


Nowadays, each person’s life has so much anxiety and become busy that’s why can’t manage time to relax and enjoy. People are so stressed for their hectic work schedule, financial issues, bad habits like smoking and drinking, despair in relation, tensions and struggles. Funny jokes play an important preface to give easement in our lives and work. Jokes are the best medicine to decrease our stress.

Jokes are badly needed when people beside you are very sad, in a problem or serious mood. Jokes can relieve them and feel much better. Jokes are mainly the stories watching or listening to that fetch laughter and smiles from other people.

Once a great writer said, “A Day become useless when we have not laughed.” There are innumerable benefits of smiling and sharing a funny joke.

Benefits of Jokes

Jokes give a lot of benefits to human life. Here we are showing you how jokes impact our life and the importance of laughing and sharing jokes.

Health Benefits: Funny jokes bring a smile to our faces and create a positive sense in our bodies. When people start laughing, it lightens their body as well as persuades a huge anatomical change. Funny jokes increase one’s immune system and boost up antibodies fighting against viruses and infection. It increases hormones like endorphins which are secreted within the brain, and endorphins help to reduce pain. Laughing impacts blood circulation and helps with heart and cardiovascular problems. Funny jokes animate most of the body organs.

Sooth Tension and Relieve Stress: Jokes can relieve tension, anger, stress and depression and make us feel better and irritation-free. Moreover, it changes the mood by decreasing fear and anxiety. Laughter increases blood pressure and heart rate, which cools down us from stress.

Social Benefits: In our social life, jokes play a vital role. If we share good jokes, we can impress our colleagues, customers or business contacts which indirectly provides a sound effect on our business deals. A person who shares funny jokes can easily build up a close friendship and get many good friends. If your friend becomes angry with you, then Jokes are the quickest and easiest way to solve problems, promoting strong friendships.

Increasing Sense of Humor: Good jokes tune capabilities and sharpen sensibilities. It improves one’s personality by fetching out is good funny side. Humour also assumes people that’s why without hesitating, they can reveal their feelings. But you have to aware of your jokes never insult others and make them feel bad. Please share funny jokes with your friends and surroundings, feel them happy, and create a healthy environment whenever you find funny jokes.

Use Jokes and Comedy in Profession 

One can bring happiness to others by telling jokes and make e sound environment for all. People can use it as their profession. Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Jerry Seinfeld are some great standup comedians. If you are an amazing speaker, you may become a standup comedian. Also, you can publish your jokes in magazines and newspapers. It brings you not only money but also happiness. It will be the best feeling when you bring a smile to people’s faces and make them laugh.

Types of jokes 

Jokes have some types. It varies with different people and different places. Such as kids’ jokes, family jokes, friends’ jokes etc.

Kids jokes: Kids’ jokes should not be adult. It must be creative and also informative. These types of jokes make kids happy and make their minds fresh.

Family jokes: The motive of family jokes create a happy and laughter environment and make the moment remarkable. It will be quite simple and full of fun.

Friends jokes: We can share any jokes with my friends, which creates a funny moment. These jokes can be naughty and funny. But always keep in mind that jokes should not be the reason for a quarrel which feels bad for others.

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