Make a Statement With Designer Dog Clothing and Accessories in Australia

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It was not long ago when people were unaware of dog fashion, and even they laughed at the thought of donning a pup with a designer stylish jacket or a hoodie. In less than a decade everything has changed related to fashion. Today even top costume designers across the world are tying their hands to show creativity in redefining pet fashion. Owing to the rising consciousness about pet fashion, dog owners increasingly desire to make their lovely pups look no less than Hollywood stars.

All New Look Dog Clothing for Fashionistas

Treat your little pup with fashionable and photogenic dog accessories and clothes crafted by Australia’s most trusted and reliable brand the Paw Co. Our latest collection of branded designer dog clothes will keep your pet in pace with the latest trends in dog fasion. From stylish bandanas, cardigans, and jackets to harnesses we have a wide range of designer dog clothes and accessories that dog owners can’t afford to miss.

Wide Collection of Designer Dog Clothing and Accessories

Pick a designer dog winter jacket, designer dog waterproof jacket, harness, collars, or bowtie from an unmatched selection of designer dog clothes and accessories, perfectly tailored to suit your pet’s fashion, by the Paw Co which has become a synonym for designer dog clothing and accessories. Our creative team of designers has years of experience to craft stylish dog clothes and accessories, making your pooch look as classy as ever before.

Stylish Dog Winter Jackets

This winter you can treat your cute pup with a wardrobe full of all-new stylish winter apparel. Our super-stylish winter jackets for dogs not only ensure enough warmth to your pet in bone-chilling winters but keep them dry during rain and snowfall without meddling with their looks.

Designer Waterproof Dog Jackets

You would certainly don’t like your pet to get wet during a rainy walk and return swamping water everywhere in your home with mud-sludged paws. Well, Paw Co has a solution for pet owners. Our designer waterproof dog jackets are designed to not only protect your pooch from rain but keep their paws dry even if there is a pool of water. 

Super-Stylish Collar and Bowtie

Adore your lovely pup with a handmade designer collar and bowtie suitable for all special occasions. We are best known for reinventing dog fashion to ensure your pet looks chic and fancy.  Woven with pure cotton with a matching color and unique design, we offer a set of collars and bow ties for all-size dogs.

Final Words

Your four-legged family member is ready to accompany you on a special occasion donned with a new collection of designer dog clothes and accessories. Whether it is a family function, marriage, or party, make your family moments memorable with luxurious and elegant clothes for your loving pet with the Paw Co. Make sure to visit our website to explore the best of what we offer to our customers across Australia and beyond.