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If you search about wigs you will find that wearing wigs dates back to ancient Egypt even at that time wigs were used as a hair accessory to look more beautiful. With time many improvements are made to wigs. With all these improvements we are able to get more natural looking wigs in many different styles and unlike the old days, the installation method is also improved it’s better and easier and simpler than before. So for all these reasons, we would also suggest you to try getting yourself a wig that looks better than the real hair. In this article, we will talk about the LUVME braid wig, closure wig, and 613 wigs so keep on reading in order to get a better understanding of these wigs.

LUVME braids wig

If you are black women who love braids but cannot do it often with your real hair then don’t worry we got you covered. We know doing braids frequently, especially on your natural hair can harm the hair especially if you are a black woman. And getting your braids done in the United States can be very expensive and takes a lot of time. Luvme knows how important is it for black women to have a good braid which is why they have launched a new line of luvme braids in the category of wigs. With LUVME Braids wig people can very easily get braids without spending too much time or money. These braids also save the wearer’s scalp from getting damaged.

Closure wig

With a closure wig, you can very flexibly create different hairstyles thanks to the different sizes this wig come in. The sizes are 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6. You can very easily try different hairstyles by choosing any of these sizes. Based on how much hair you would need for a specific style and how much area you want to be covered by the closure wig you can choose the size.

How to take care of the closure wig?

You can very easily take care of your closure wig by considering the following points:

  1. Don’t twist your closure wig.
  2. Don’t rub the wig with a lot of force.
  3. Be gentle while washing the wig.
  4. Do not brush the closure wig while it is wet.
  5. Try using moisturizer to prevent the closure wig from becoming dry and frizzy.

613 wigs

613 wigs are also called blonde wigs. These days many people seek good quality 613 wigs as they know getting their real hair dyed in the blonde color will damage them. Especially if they have to bleach their hair first. So the best way to get stunning blonde hair is to invest their money into good quality 613 wigs. Not only these wigs are very good looking but are also very long lasting. Unlike real human hair which requires frequent touch up by the end of the month. The 613 wigs don’t fade these wigs still look shiny and smooth even if you wear them every day.

From where you can buy good quality 613 wigs?

With many shops selling 613 wigs online and offline it’s very difficult to decide which shop you should buy your 613 wigs from. For your convenience, we know a store that sells good quality 613 wigs. From luvmehair, you can buy the best quality 613 wigs that are dyed to perfection. The color is golden blonde suitable for all skin tones. The prices of these 613 wigs are also very reasonable.


Luvme braids wig, closure wig, and 613 wigs have their special key features. Luvme braids wig is designed keeping the needs of black women in mind as these braids are a symbol of the black image. Closure wig allows the wearer to style their hair in various hairstyles. 613 wigs let the wearer enjoy having blonde hair without damaging the texture of their real hair. If you are interested in buying any of the wigs mentioned in this article we would suggest you to visit the luvmehair website to buy these wigs.

By the way, LUVME is offering up to $80 off coupons during Black Friday. If you are interested in high quality human hair wigs, don’t miss it.

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