Live Score Strategies that will help your business increase its visibility

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Football is a passion in many countries.  Even when you add up all the different variations of it played worldwide,  Football/Soccer  (depending on where you are from)  is far and away from the most popular competitive team sport in the world.  As with any sport, there is a deep passion involved for those who follow it closely whether they play or just enjoy watching.  There’s also a lot of money to be made by advertisers and others involved in professional football.  

In today’s business climate where data has become every bit as important as strategy,  the job of being good at Football Live Scores falls into two quite distinct categories:  provide accurate information quickly during the event and accurate information throughout the rest of the week.  In this article, we’ll cover both topics and give you live score strategies that will help your business increase its visibility online and thus to more customers.

Live Scores:

The first category deals with how you get your data into the Live Score stream during a game.

1)  Use A Standalone Live Score Provider To Get Your Data Out There…

If you want to be really visible in Football (or other sports), the best way is to be your own provider of information. With a standalone service like SportyCo, it’s easy to know where they can go

It is important to have live scores available on a website or app as quickly as possible. This means having someone who is dedicated to updating the scores as they happen. For some businesses, this may be a part of their social media marketing plan.

In addition, it is important to make sure that the website or app design is such that the user does not have to go too many clicks deep into the site in order to find the live score section.

It can also be helpful to create widgets or shortcodes which will allow users to embed the live score widget on their own websites or blogs.


A widget is a small piece of software that can be embedded on a web page.

Shortcode: A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that allows you to embed content from other sources, such as videos or audio files, into your posts and pages.

2)  Upload Your Live Score Data To Social Media Platforms…

A majority of people these days get their newsfeeds from Facebook and Twitter.  This means that if you want to get your live score data in front of as many people as possible, you need to make sure that it is uploaded to these social media platforms.

Twitter is especially good for this because it allows users to embed tweets onto their own websites.

3)  Make Sure Your Scores Are Available On Multiple Platforms…

Not everyone consumes their information in the same way.

Some people might prefer to have live scores available on an app, while others might want them on a website.

It is important to make sure that your live score data is available on as many different platforms as possible.

4)  Submit Your Scores To Third-Party Services…

There are a number of third-party services out there that aggregate live score data from around the web.

submitting your scores to these services will help increase your visibility and help you reach more customers.

5) …But Don’t Forget To Submit Them To Your Own Website

Even if you upload your live score data to multiple third-party websites, you should still make sure that it’s available on your own website.

6)  Make Sure Your Live Scores Work On Mobile Devices…

One of the biggest changes in the way people consume information is that mobile devices are now just as popular, sometimes more so than desktops or laptops. Live scores need to be mobile-friendly if they want to reach the widest audience possible.

7) …And Come Up With A Great Design…

A well-designed site will make your brand look much better and help improve customer relations (which in turn help increase revenue). There are all kinds of free and cheap live score templates available online that you can use to get started.

8)  Add A Call To Action… When someone visits your live score website, it is important to make sure they know what to do next. You need a clear and concise call-to-action (CTA) that tells the user exactly what to do in order for them to make a purchase or take advantage of an offer.