Live Online Courses

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Online education has been all about classes being conducted virtually, exams being taken over platforms specifically created for the same and students studying using various online tools and features provided to them. Every aspect of education has been made digital and technology has proven to be a wonderful tool for teaching and learning if used to the best of its abilities. Online education has made it possible for teachers to conduct classes from anywhere and at any time. It has also allowed students to continue learning on the go. Online education ensured that learning never stopped and students were offered more opportunities to learn and explore using digital tools and resources from the internet. 

No matter how much technology peaked, it could never match the experience that offline classes offered and the personal touch of having a teacher explain concepts was missing. To bring the virtual classrooms closer to the offline traditional classes, various updates and upgrades to the classroom apps and platforms were made. These attempts to make online classes more familiar and easy for both the students and teachers were successful and online classes became much more popularised. These classes and the benefits they offered made teaching and learning easier when educational institutions like schools, colleges and coaching centres could not resume in the offline mode due to the pandemic situation, lockdowns and restrictions. 

The other problem, as mentioned before, was of the personal touch or human element missing from the classes. This issue was also resolved by adding more features and tools to the platforms used for online classes and courses. This feature was a live online class feature. These types of classes were not only used for lectures of the school or college but also for online courses that were conducted on various platforms. Live classes offered a wide range of benefits and features that made learning easier and teaching more fruitful. In this article, we will be discussing online live courses. We will share details with you regarding what this type of class is, how and where it is conducted, how students can attend such classes and how teachers can create such courses online. We will also look at the benefits of live courses for both students and teachers. 

Live classes are online classes that are conducted using video meeting apps and websites. In such classes, the teachers and students can interact with each other in real-time. These types of classes are the virtual versions of the traditional classes. Using such types of classes online courses can be conducted using an online courses platform for any subject that the teachers wish to share their knowledge about. Live classes can be conducted one-on-one or for a group of students together. Live classes for online courses need to be conducted at a time that suits both the student and the teacher. Live classes not only allow the teacher to be virtually present in real-time through the class but also allow them to share their screen or use virtual whiteboards for explaining concepts and topics in a way that is similar to the offline classes. 

Now that we know about live courses, let us take a look at the benefits of live online courses that can be conducted and attended using an online courses app or website or software. Using mobile apps for attending your live online courses class can help you learn from anywhere. You could be travelling to work or college and learning on your way. Similarly for the teachers, such online courses offer the flexibility of time and location. Teachers can schedule their classes at times that are comfortable for them and take a lecture from anywhere. 

The best part of an online course is that you have access to subjects and topics taught across the world. You could be sitting in your home in one part of the world and be attending classes from a reputed university of another country right across the globe. This lets you get access to resources from the world over and explore beyond your textbooks. 

Teachers can start taking online courses by using the multiple online courses platforms available. All they will need is a laptop or Smartphone with a webcam and internet to be able to use all the online tools for conducting classes.