List of Winning Types of Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a simple marketing strategy to attract, engage and retain your customers. It is the development and distribution of relevant content to potential customers. A strong content marketing can lead you to build your brand awareness, connect with your targeted audience, and get relevant leads. Some of the following content marketing types can be used to get some leads and grow your business. These  

Benefits of content marketing

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Convey how you help the audience
  • Represent what your brand is about
  • Drive engagement

Types of content marketing

  • Blogging
  • Video
  • Email
  • Podcast
  • Webinar
  • Case studies
  • E-Books


Blogging is a text based content type where you write an article on a particular topic. It can be considered as an art and science in content marketing. It is a format that can attract customers. Blogs can be utilized effectively for minimal to zero additional cost. A good content is a result of research, analysis, and an understanding of what your audience is interested in. SEO Agency in Delhi practice blogging through SEO. SEO based content can lead you to your goal. The more content you have the more chances you have of creating content for SEO and more chances to be in the eyes of your audiences. Daily blogging makes it easier for your customer to know how you work and what services your provide.


Nowadays videos are emerging and engaging content. It is an essential part of content marketing. SEO Agency in Delhi also suggest video content because videos have more chance to grab audience attention quickly. It is known as the best return on investment (ROI) method. Audience can feel the live interaction through videos which they cannot get from other means of content.

There could be more forms of video content:

  • Webinars
  • Vlogs
  • Live interaction
  • Recorded informational video

The easiest channel to create videos are:

  • Instagram, Facebook and YouTube lives & stories
  • IGTV


E-Mail marketing will remain the most effective best content marketing  It still has the higher ROI turnover rate. 99% of consumers check their inbox o a daily basis. Effective emails marketing can convert the likelihood audience into customers, and turn them into buyers. SEO companies in Delhi provide the best email marketing services and help you to convert your targeted prospects into customers and raving fans. 

There are few strategies for making your email marketing campaigns flexible:

  • Build email list
  • Make segments of your subscribers
  • Optimize with mobile friendly emails
  • Send emails regularly
  • Focus on the email objective
  • Define your KPIs


Podcasts have been getting hype around the world from past recent years. In this busy schedule of life, people like to prefer listening. Storytelling is the best strategy in podcasting. Those who cannot watch videos, they can consume podcasts more passively. SEO companies in Delhi are using  podcasts for their marketing purposes. Podcasting is very convenient because it is consumed during the gym, journey, work etc. This form of audio has grown rapidly over the past several years, and it’s a smart idea to promote products or services through podcasting. If you are creating video content, try converting it into a podcast. An audio can easily become a podcast. A high quality podcast requires time and planning. Do you think starting a podcast is the right way to go? Visit, if so.


Webinar is another form of content marketing where you act as an expert in your field. Webinars are the second most effective type of content for marketers. SEO companies in Delhi and B2B companies are using it more often. Before buying any product or services, customers want product overview and honest reviews. Webinar helps customers to get some valuable and informational content. Attendees can be converted into your potential customers. Another common tip is to collaborate with other experts. The thought leaders in your industry will provide exclusive content, this will add more trust amongst attendees.

Case Studies

Case studies are the most powerful content in content marketing. It is a type of success story that shows the power of your company. It is also a more influential content among B2B customers. Most of the websites don’t create case studies because it takes time and effort. Some SEO company in Mumbai are using this method of marketing to grab customer’s attraction. Your business can increase trustworthiness and expertise among the customers through research and in-depth look at a specific topic.


E-Books are well written topics. They provide lots of information and can be ranked high because of their length. These information value your customers and help you to create a contact database. E-Books are not for everyone, only some potential customers can use these books. Students from any professional course can use these e-books effectively because they are getting informational content from your e-book. Not only students, some customers get a quick overview about your product/services. Some SEO companies in Delhi are creating E-Books for their clients and helping them to get converted customers.

Wrap up

You know about the different types of content marketing. You can use these ideas to grow your business and attract customers. You could be confused which will be best for your business because there are many types which content is relevant to your business. Start with one or more which is suitable for your business and effort like blogging and video content, once you understand the content marketing funda, try building more. More content you will create, the more the chance to grab the customers interest. There are some SEO companies in Delhi who are helping brands in content marketing.