List of Hong Kong International School ranking

Education is a significant part of human life. When you have a high-quality education, it takes care of every aspect of your life. There are various national and international schools running all across the globe. The international schools in Hong Kong are known for their quality and teaching procedures. There are numerous schools available in Hong Kong. Hence it is hard to narrow down the choices. There are several factors to contemplate, including the quality of education, the campus and its facilities, and school style. For making the process easier, Expatliving’s international school in HK reviews and provides a complete list of high-quality international schools. It deals with both primary and secondary schools.

Take a look at the several international schools you will find in Hong Kong

The international schools in Hong Kong have a different procedure of teaching and learning process. They take a different approach to project learning aid by using the latest technology. Hence, take a look at the following international schools you will find in Hong Kong:

  • American International school: The school is a secondary education institution with a US standard of academics. It is accredited and focused by the official US body and also provides college preparation. Applications are welcome throughout the year. In recent times, the American International School has upgraded its classroom facilities along with learning space. It includes new multipurpose design spaces that host learners’ work zones, events, performances, and project space.
  • Australian International School: The school does not have kindergarten facilities but has a primary and secondary section. The introductory paragraph is based, on the Australian national curriculum, whereas the second unit on the New South Wales higher school certificate. English becomes a part of the curriculum in the primary section. Whereas French or Putonghua gets furnished in the secondary domain. Applications are invited, before the first term up to two years of age. 
  • Canadian International School: It furnishes primary and secondary sections with IB PYP, IB diplomas, and IB MYP curriculum in English and Putonghua, in addition to Spanish and French. You can apply in October for grades one and two and in January for grades three to eleven. The school has a 4,52,000 square feet campus, which occupies fourteen levels. It is well-equipped with art facilities, science and innovation labs, a design studio, a swimming pool, and a green roof.
  • Carmel school: The school has provisions for kindergarten along with the primary and secondary sections. Coming to the curriculum, it provides IB diploma, IB PYP, IB MYP. Putonghua, Hebrew, English, Spanish, and French are instructional languages. You can apply at any time. The school is a thorough training Institute, with three campuses. 
  • Chinese International School: The school with a primary and secondary curriculum provides a school-based dual language program in Putonghua and English. You have to apply in September for grades one to six and in February for grades seven to twelve.

Once you have a detailed understanding of the various international schools in Hong Kong operation, it will be easy for you to decide. Keep in mind that each International School has a different curriculum and teaching method. Visiting their website for further details becomes mandatory for seeking admission. 

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