Learning Ideas for Students

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Learning Ideas for Students

When students are put in the right situation and place, they have the opportunity to learn as they wish, but for students to truly engage in the learning process they need to be given the proper tools and motivation to be able to learn. There are many things students can be provided that will help them along their way; some of these are games or various tools, and others are simply concepts that will help students continue on their way to self-improvement. Although things have become very difficult for students due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the responsibility of not only parents and teachers but society as a whole to help them and give them the tools and utilities needed to continue to learn.

Useful Tools

There are many great and useful tools for students, but they can greatly vary depending on the age of the student. For some young learners, interactive games and programs are a good solution for remote education, and for in-classroom learning it’s always great to have tools and sometimes even toys that students can interact with. Engagement and interaction are some of the key parts of learning for students. For older students from junior high through to university-level, one of the most important tools that they need for learning is actually an online PDF editor. An online PDF editor helps in many ways and allows the student to edit documents, merge different document types together, as well as convert them. Being able to find a good online PDF editor is not difficult; there are some great ones such as Lumin PDF, which is an online PDF editor that is great for students. It is a quality PDF annotator and comes with many of the tools that students can use to engage and participate in the modern educational environment.

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Think-pair-repair is a great game to help your students improve their communications and debating skills. The basic concept of this game is that you have students who argue a specific point. You then group students into pairs or even larger groups to try and build consensus through discussion. This game usually ends with students in two different groups arguing or debating some particular point. This is great because it creates a lot of interaction and engagement with the students so that they feel compelled to take part in the lesson. While this lesson can be more challenging to do in an online setting, there are ways to do this, such as creating separate rooms for students when you pair them off or put them into groups and allow them to continue the discussion there until returning to the main online classroom to finish the discussion.

Improv games

Improv lets students expand their creativity while working together and improving interpersonal and public speaking skills. Improv games can be used in a lot of different ways, for example, you can give students a particular scenario and ask them to act it out or even try to elicit certain answers based on this scenario that you have created. It is usually a good idea for improv games to break students up into groups or pairs and have them work together. During the game, these students would be asked to come in front of the classroom or be given free time to talk if it’s in a virtual setting, and from there they would have to take part in the game as the teacher has created it.


Brainwriting is a form of brainstorming where instead of speaking out loud, students get an opportunity to write what they think in a vacuum or they do not share their information with each other until they are finished. This eliminates some potential redundancies in their responses since students try to copy from one another and instead this encourages freedom while also allowing the students to practice their writing. If the students are working in an online setting it’s even easier, since you can have students post their responses in a group forum. Also, if you are using an online PDF editor such as LuminPDF you can use the Google Drive feature to share PDF versions of what people have written down and from there the other students can annotate and write their ideas on each other’s documents.

Chain notes

Chain notes is a great game for students in an online remote setting. In the game, the teacher writes a question or questions on a piece of paper or digital document and lets students see it one at a time while they input their answer and continue to update with new information as it goes to each student. This is great if you are using online PDFs because students can be given permission to annotate the same document and therefore as the information gets passed around, students will have no trouble adding their ideas and answers. This is a fun game that, if done correctly, promotes engagement as well as interest in the students.

Students have a lot of distractions these days with everything that’s going on in the world, so providing an opportunity to learn in a fun and interesting way is a great way to keep them focused. These are not all the games and activities that a teacher can do but rather a sampling of just a few of them that are available. A quick search will find many more and give you a lot of ideas about the different tools that you can use, including an online PDF editor which can be very useful for teachers in a variety of circumstances. Although etalk English school can become tedious for some students, providing variety and engaging activities promotes interest and improves the learners’ ability to keep and retain information, which is the ultimate goal of education