Know What You Must Expect After Your Dental Implant Treatment in Sunnyvale, CA 

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Many patients are often astonished at how simple dental implants in Sunnyvale can be and how little discomfort they suffer afterward. Implant placement is an uncomplicated minor surgical operation thanks to technological advancement and meticulous preparation. Much of the evaluation and planning is done ahead of time.

Although it is unlikely that you would need to miss work, you should take a day or two off as a precaution. For a few days after your therapy, avoid making any major social or work obligations.

On the day of your implant placement, you should arrange for someone else who will drive you home. Implant dentists typically employ local anesthesia, but sedation is available too upon request. 

This can be administered orally or via an intravenous line. In case you choose sedation, a responsible adult should accompany you to your appointment, stay with you in the surgery, and accompany you home. If you choose sedation, your dentist in Sunnyvale, CA, will also give you additional instructions to follow.

Even if you do not think you will need pain medication after the procedure, ensure that you have some on hand just in case. Please inform your implant dentist if you are allergic to any medications.

It is usual for minimal bleeding to occur following dental implants installation. Your dentist in Sunnyvale, CA, may advise you to apply pressure to the region for an hour by chewing firmly on a gauze pad. 

After that, gently remove the pad. If required, repeat the process with a new gauze pad for another 30 minutes. If bleeding continues, bite down on a damp tea bag for half an hour. Tea leaves contain tannic acid, which aids in blood coagulation.

Because the implant will be placed into the gap, you are likely to endure significantly less bleeding than you would if you had a tooth pulled. There is no longer any open extraction site to heal.

For the rest of your day, avoid cleaning your mouth after implant therapy and try not to disrupt the surgical site with the tongue or fingers. Dislodging your blood clot that may have formed may result in bleeding. Spitting, sucking on straws, and smoking are all prohibited. Blood clots may be dislodged, and the healing process may be slowed.

The physical effort might induce pain and encourage bleeding on the day after surgery, so limit your activities. If bleeding continues, you should call your Dentist at Sunnyvale, CA.

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