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PT 141 or bremelanotide is known as a synthetic peptide that is developed from Melanotan. It is a generic term that refers to the pharmaceutical-grade synthetic aphrodisiac peptide. It has created the issue of erectile dysfunction or importance in men’s sexual disorders. With a certain percentage, men and women are suffering from sexual dysfunction. This peptide helps to develop men and women to deal with their sexual issues. 

Viagra sex supplement works in the vascular system however, PT 141 Australia works directly with the hypothalamus to increase the sexual desire present inside the sexual partner. For this specific reason Viagra, Levitra and other medications are not only precisely with aphrodisiac since they never deal directly with libido. Treatment with the use of PT 141 Australia and PDE5 helps to show the synergistic effect. Initially, it is tested as an agent for sunless tanning, and it shows unexpected side effects to that person. 

How does PT 141 come from?

Bremelanotide peptide is available in 10mg vials, which is recommended to consume and it should excess from that amount. A patient can able to consume up to 20 doses with the 10mg vials if a dose is lighter. If the patient consumes PT 141 with bacteriostatic water then it will work, when it will be present inside the refrigerator. 


The dose for the PT 141 is only 0.30 mg for the first time, and after that person can consume up to 0.70mg as an average, 1mg for the optimal. 1.5mg for strong effects and 2mg is for extra strength. If you consume bremelanotide when it is injected subcutaneously that opens a great world for possibilities. 

After taking it then the person can get the strength and desires for a couple of hours later. It is compared to some other market aphrodisiacs, PT 141 provides a unique opportunity that will last for six to seven hours straight. It can take it to the two hours before for desires to take the time to feel its effect. 

What is the effect of PT-141?

PT 141 helps to make feel for good which good sexually aroused. An anonymous patient with a clinical trial, taking it will help to feel more energetic and feels younger as well. It increases with the libido helps to make the urge and to remain in the mood. It’s exactly how the PT 141 works in the job. The rough idea of what is PT 141 Australia goes directly to the brain instead of acting in the circulatory system with Viagra. From the brain of goes to switch on the neural circuit which helps to make the person feel sexually active. 

After taking PT 141 then the person will feel romantic and erotic. After that, he will start his session with his partner over the bed and deliver all the pleasure with that filling his desires as well. 

Does it involve any reconstituting?

When there is reconstituting it involves taking PT 141. It is recommended to take it with bacteriostatic water for better results. A person can take it with sterile water. With mixing bac water and vial then try to use a syringe.  Get your vial with bac water withdraw with one full ml or 1 cc of water and then inject with the PT 141. Getting the aim of needle for the glass then trickles down and it doesn’t harm with the peptide and then swirl to mix (do never shake it), the vial will be dissolved. 

Taking PT 141 with bac water can preserve for six or twelve months will help to remain more active in the bed. Using sterile water then it will last for some more months before it degrades. 

Store PT 141 in the proper method

The vials for PT 141 should be freeze-dried with their remains for stability at room temperature. When it is freeze-dried it will last for more than one or two months. It is recommended to store it with the freezer for long-term storage when it can remain for 24 months when it is kept in powdered form. When PT 141 is mixed then the person can’t store it under room temperature. For this time person have to save it in the fridge to keep it stable. 


PT 141 helps you to stay longer over the bed and feel more sexually active with your partner. This medicine is only provided to those who are more than 18 years. This medicine should not be overdosed other it will hamper body organs. 

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