KBC Lottery Show – A detailed Guide

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KBC Lottery Show (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is one of the largest show with in the records of Indian television having a very high TRP . The KBC exhibition at the ground level is known for its huge cash prizes.

This show is hosted with the help of one of the famous actor Amitabh Bachkhan marked the extraordinary beginning of Bollywood First broadcast starting for the first time in  in 2000, which attracted tens of thousands of people across India with a victory of 1 billion rupees. It is a quiz based show and the questions are shown on the screen. If you wanted to contact us Kindly chick here : KBC Head Office Number.

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Control the screen to generate wishes. From sharing the screen area with Amitabh Bachchan to finding a new seat, many domestic participants walked away triumphantly and hit tens of millions in the screen. The complete quiz based on the screen was first released in 2000 and promised to win a cash prize of Rs 1 crore. Due to the tuff selection process, many people are a lot and much excited that the show organizer takes Here comes the 11th season of the KBC lottery.

The KBC lottery prize isn’t too much in tons like the other foreign shows. However nevertheless with this prize cash, make many people many glad and others glad to see this show.

In this show the show management team randomly pick numbers and tell the people that their range became decided on in the KBC Lucky draw carried out by KBC and the selected ones gained the prize. And to say the quantity, a positive to be processed rate needs to be deposited.

Due to significant tax relief, the winner will not receive the full amount. The winner finally paid 13.3 million rupees in taxes with a victory of 5 million rupees. Although the host mentioned that the money will be added to the account,  contestants must pay tax for the bonus, assuming that the cash bonus of the contestant is 5 million, 30% after tax.

At the same time, the surcharge is 10% of the tax, which is 13 to 100 rupees. And twenty-five, the tax is four steps from a penny equal to 5,250 rupees. If a member earns 5 million rupees in Kaun Banega Crorepati, they must pay a total of 1330 rupees in taxes, and then the member can pay 35 rupees nationwide

How to play KBC online in2021

Right Now its COVID-19 pandemic time so KBC Official Site makes it easy for everyone to apply online. Stay home stay safe, Play the game and win the KBC lottery.

  • 1st of all you had to download official sonyliv app.
  • This app is safe easy to use for everyone.
  • Sign in with your contact info like your e-mail credentials and your cell phone.
  • Currently you’ll be able to see the age choose button, select your age.
  • The required age is over eighteen.
  • Now you had to select your gender.
  • Select the language you’ll get settle for queries.
  • Choose the best language for your best solution.
  • KBC Enrolment – VIA IVR .
  • KBC Registration 2021 by SMS Sony TV.

Top 5 Winners of KBC Lottery

Here is the list of top 5 Winners of KBC Lottery.


Achin and Sartak Narula are considered as the eighth season contenders and winners of Rs 7 crore, which makes them the winners, and currently there are only winners of Rs 7 crore.


Sunmit Kaur Soni was a contender for the 6th season and won Rs 5 crore.


Sushil Kumar became the first candidate of Kaun Banega Crorepati and won 20 million won.


Ravi Mohan Saini is transformed into an applicant deemed Kaun Banega Crorepati Trainee and won ₹ 1 Crore.


Harshwardhan Navate became the first KBC lottery winner. He understood and correctly expressed all 15 questions in the first season and won 1 Ten million


These are all the guideline that will help you to get the basic knowledge about this show. Also, these guides will help you to get success in  this show. As we all know this is one of the best Indian show. So, everyone must had to apply for it for at least one time in life. May be on the base of luck or on personal intelligence. If you didn’t won, that is not guaranteed by that that’s upon your luck but you will enjoy this show is granted by us. So, kindly contact us by clicking on the KBC Head Office Number link given above.