Jewellery Gifting Ideas to Spoil Your Lady Love!

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A women’s love for surprises and jewelry is an open secret. Let it be stylish diamond jewellery, statement necklaces, dainty bracelets women love them all! In fact, gifting the lovely lady in your life jewelry is a fantastic idea to spoil her on a special occasion. It will profess your undying love for her and strengthen your bond with your partner. World of jewelry is nothing less than a sea, often men seem to feel lost when they have to make a pick, especially if they are hearing terms like rose gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, gemstones for the very first time.

Here are few recommendations that you would want to consider next time you decide to surprise your wife.

1. Exotic Gemstones Jewellery – Gemstones are a beautiful way to transform a plain-looking piece into almost dream-like and any woman would like jewelry that reflects rainbow colors. You have a plethora of options in gemstone jewellery, you can pick pretty pink tourmaline stud earrings, real diamond rings, cheerful yellow topaz maangtika, or a royal emerald embellished necklace, the choices are limitless. If the gifting occasion is her birthday, picking a piece of jewellery that’s embedded with her birthstone is also a very thoughtful idea.

2. Bracelets with Charms – Bracelets is one such piece of jewellery that compliments both Indian wears as well as western. Charm bracelets in particular are cute, stylish, and elegant. Charms are nothing but tiny ornaments that dangle from the bracelet. You can choose one of the several designs available online, or you can even have the charms customized to mark special milestones. Whatever may be the choice, we are sure this charming gift is going to make your lady love go weak in her knees.

3. Alphabet Pendant and Chain – Whether it’s your anniversary, her birthday, or any other occasion, a beautiful chain delicately holding the first alphabet of her name is a perfect choice. Sterling silver metal chain and pendant are in vogue these days among young working women because it seamlessly blends with any sort of outfit. To make it a more utilitarian gift, pick a single chain with 2 or 3 different types of pendants that she can change alternate, and wear any time.

4. Anklet of Love – Anklets are not worn every day by women but for some reason women like receiving this from their husbands. The tingling magical noise will remind her of your harmonious union, and a promise that you will match her steps in life. Shift away from the traditional silver anklets and explore options of gold anklets that are studded with semi-precious stones, multilayered ones, latest designer lace anklets are catching up fast on trend these days. Check out these timeless accessories from Adina Eden.

5. Vintage Jewellery – If historic elements intrigue your wife, then she is sure to appreciate classic vintage-inspired jewellery. A pair of antique-looking earrings, or a larger-than-life pearl ring is enough to make your lady love feel like a queen.

Hope the above ideas inspire you to make the right jewellery choice for your lady love, after all, she deserves nothing but the best!