Is it safe to travel to Cancun?

Cancun is one of the leading tourist destinations in Mexico.  Its tropical climate, its beautiful turquoise blue beaches, its fine white sand and, of course, its natural attractions make it an irresistible place to visit.

But is it safe to visit Cancun? We would really like this answer to be simple, but as such it is not: That is why the truth is divided in half, that is to say: Yes it is safe and no it is not safe.

Confused? Well, don’t worry because now I’ll explain it all without taboo. So let’s get to know it.


Our first point to discuss is the current contingency in which we live worldwide; The COVID-19.

Between the month of March and the month of September, literally the world stopped in order to “prevent the spread of the virus”.  These months that were “red lights” in the world economy, gave and allowed all tourist destinations and people in general to “adapt” and implement security regulations.

We can name some of them, such as the mandatory use of masks in closed places and establishments, the same when talking to people with whom we do not live and even the use of antibacterial gel.

What else? Plazas, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and even airlines implemented different protocols of constant cleaning and sanitization in the establishments, in order to keep their visitors and collaborators safe.

Well, the city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, joined the world (so to speak) to implement protocols for “safe travel to Cancun”.

This in order to “reduce” and not as such “end”, with the curve of contagions. Why reduce? Let’s be honest, taking care of ourselves is everyone’s responsibility and not all of us are doing it.

For example: In the use of public transportation services we can see hundreds of people a day without the correct use of their masks and even public transportation units are only “sanitized” once a day.

Unlike private transportation services, such as those offered by Cancun Airpor Transportation, the units are sanitized and cleaned after each trip and the use of the mask cover by the driver and of course, you, the visitors, is mandatory: D

In conclusion of this point: Cancun and the Riviera Maya have implemented several protocols and campaigns against COVID-19, but it would help a lot if you also follow them and decide to take care of yourself and be a responsible traveler.


There are very few times that an attraction in the city or in the Riviera Maya is “involved” in risky situations that put or have put the lives of its visitors in danger.

Therefore, you can consider that they are safe, clean and the probability that something happens that “damages” your vacation is 1 in a million. Although this one in a million can be increased to 10, 20, 30 or 50 in a million, you know what it depends on? On yourself.

Currently the city has had an increase of “scammed people”, but these scams do not happen just because, they happen due to people’s own carelessness.

On the one hand, it is understandable that they always look for the lowest prices, but on the other hand it is unforgivable that they believe that it can really cost less than 50% of what is sold on the official pages of the tour companies or the hotels themselves.

Let’s illustrate it with a simple example: A tour to Isla Mujeres costs approximately 200 USD per person, and of course “if you look for it cheaper”, they can “sell it for 100 USD”. Do you really believe it? Well, there are people who do, and they get ripped off. So as such, the attractions are safe, but whether you let yourself be scammed is another matter. EYE HERE.


The city has private, shared and public services to get to and from various places, but as mentioned above. The safest options are private transfer services, we can cite the agency “Airport Transfer Cancun”, as one of the best transfer companies in Cancun, Transfer to Playa de Carmen and Transfer to Tulum.

This company guarantees safety, reliability, low prices and punctuality to and from Cancun airport.

It should be noted that the use of the ADO bus is also a very good option to go from Cancun to Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, etc, etc.

Likewise, the use of the shared shuttle of Playa Express is a very good option, just consider the times and schedules of duration to go and come from one place to another.

The public transportation is recommended, but it is necessary to be very careful: Do not take off your mouth cover, clean your hands with antibacterial gel when getting on and off the bus and do not leave your wallet, purse or cell phone unattended.


If we talk about security, there are really many things we can talk about, however these 3 points are the most essential to know: The city in general and the Riviera Maya, have implemented various processes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, however remember that you also have to do your part, take care of yourself and follow the rules.

Is there crime in Cancun? Yes, there is, as in any place in the world and of course, as such there are ways to at least “minimize” the risks, for example: Do not drink too much, avoid going to places you have not read about and at all times, ask for information from hotel staff or security (Police).

Can I get ripped off in Cancun? Yes, but this last point will always depend on how naive you are. So avoid trying to “get the cheapest things”.

Finally, before traveling to the city, put together a good itinerary and research about the hotel, about the tour and about the place you want to visit. Considering all these points, you could say that Cancun is an average city like any other to travel to, where there are good and bad things and where luck sometimes plays a role that either makes the trip bitter or enriches it.

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