Is it safe to sign documents using online tools?

Currently, many online tools allow users to sign documents. It involves uploading the PDF document on the platform. You also have to set up your signature, along with other details, including your full name, email address, designation, etc.

Online tools also allow you to send documents back and forth for obtaining signatures from relevant parties. Once all the signatories have signed the document, you can view and download it. Hence, such tools make eSignatures convenient and easy. To “Sign My Document Online,” you can check out SodaPDF.

However, with online tools, there is the ever-looming threat of security. It makes one wonder if sharing signatures using online tools is safe or not. Also, if these tools keep personal information safe or not? Also, consider whether a person signing the document is the same or not.

Are online signatures safe?

Contrary to popular belief, electronic signatures are safer than signatures on hard copies (also known as wet signatures). Scammers can easily tamper with wet signatures as compared with electronic signatures.

Signed documents are encrypted to keep the PDF document safe. Reliable online signing sites use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). It is a set of protocols for assigning unique identities to users. Moreover, it protects sensitive data from theft and misuse. It is meant for use by the public and ensures that signing documents electronically is safe for all intended users.

There are various means that online tools use to authenticate a signatory. Apart from an email address, online tools also use a passcode, a DKIM check, SMS verification, and access code for verifying a signer. These methods ensure that the right person signs the document.

Another security measure that most online signature tools make use of is an audit trail. It provides an added layer of security. With the audit trail, a document gets a timestamp.

What should you look out for when using online tools?

If you are looking for reliable online signature tools, there are a few things that you should check:

Method of authentication

An online tool that asks for various signers must have a method of verifying their identity. Before signing a document, the online tool must verify the signer through access code, SMS, email, one-time passcode, and other methods. If the online tool does not have an authentication method, anyone can sign the document. Hence, such a tool is not safe to use.

Audit trail

Another thing that you should look out for is the audit trail of the signed document. Even if you don’t require the PDF document, you should still be able to retrieve it through a unique link. The PDF document should be available on the storage system of your choice. Also, the document should have a timestamp associated with each signature.


The system where the signature is stored should also have strong security. The Cloud is the most common method of storage. It should be secure. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and others offer secure Cloud storage services. You should check that an online signature platform complies with such standards.

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