Is it profitable to own a car dealership in India

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As a business person, the car dealership business is one of those businesses that you need to look at carefully before you consider entering this business. If you are thinking about running a car dealership business, and wondering if this is the right business for you, let us review some of the pros and cons of this business so that you can make an informed decision.

Pros of owning Car Dealerships

  • You will be getting a good income

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about owning a car dealership is that we will be making good money. Indeed, car dealers can make very good money as they have high-profit margins.

  • You have flexibility in working hours

Most car dealerships work on flexible work hours. You can choose your working hours as long as it suits your customers. This gives you flexible working hours so that it doesn’t affect your home life. You don’t have to wait for anyone to give you orders or tell you what to do. This is one pitfall that attracts many entrepreneurs into owning their car dealership businesses.

  • High Profits

If you have sufficient capital and you’re located in an area with high traffic of customers, then you should go for it. It’s a profitable venture especially if you can sell new and used cars too. With high profits, you can invest in other businesses or give your employees a raise in salary. You can acquire more properties for your business. Additionally, you can pay off debt quickly.

  • Long-Term Relationships

You will have long-term relationships between your customers and your staff. They come back every few years to purchase a new vehicle or have their vehicle serviced. car dealers are always dealing with customers and other car dealers as well. This is a great way of networking as well as making new friends on daily basis.

  • Easy to start

There are no barriers to entry and exit since it’s not a complex business like manufacturing industries, for example. Even though this is considered an advantage, it could also lead to the closure of the business if things don’t go as expected due to stiff competition from other players

Cons of owning a car dealership

  • Maintenance can be expensive

Expensive Cars are expensive to maintain and insure. This is why starting a car dealership can be expensive compared to other businesses like opening a store in Kanpur or Jaipur wholesale market. Moreover, if there is an accident and your car is totalled, this will cost you money. The insurance company will pay for most repairs but not all repairs are covered by insurance companies.

  • Requires good management skills

Tedious Job As a dealer, you will be dealing with hundreds of people every day. Some people may be rude and others may be nice but they all have different personalities

  • Initial investment

Depending on the car brand you choose for getting a dealership, the initial investment may be huge. Even if it’s not as much as when starting a franchise business, the initial capital you have to invest can still be big.

– Your profit margin may depend on the area where your dealership is situated. If your location isn’t conducive enough for business, then it could mean not getting any customers at all or just a few ones.