Is Gold Loan a Safe Option?

People often are very worried and unconscious while they need money instantly for some urgent need. It becomes more challenging when they have done very little savings, have an average earning, very low property investments and a high regular expense.Here comes the sole female property, the gold of the house as the saviour. Both the technology and various plans of gold loan per gram have made life much easier for anyone who needs instant money. But there are a majority of people who are not in a dilemma, whether a gold loan is a safe option or not. Here are some reasons to help you why gold loan is a safest option:

1. Fast Loans with Instant Credit –

Banks can provide easy loans on gold since it is a tangible quantity. It’s one of the safest alternatives for banks since they can offer the gold in the event that the borrower is unable to repay the loan in full to the lender.  It’s ideal for people who have to solve immediate problems with their finances. The time to process is shorter when compared with other loans.

2. Low-interest rates

The rates of interest on gold loans are less than other loans, like personal loans, home loans and so on. The interest rates vary between 6 percent to 18%, based on gold or collateral. However, the interest rate on individual loans ranges from 6% to 30% depending on the different banks and institutions. This makes gold loans an ideal choice for many people, as compared to other loans. Best gold loan Interest rates create a significant difference.

3. “Pay Interest Only” Option –

One of the biggest benefits of a gold loan is the fact that you have to only pay the interest each month. There are many alternatives to repaying the gold loan. However, most customers choose the option of ‘interest only. It lets people pay just the interest rate each month and then pay the principal at a later date, while completing all formalities at the conclusion.

4. Zero Credit History

Another benefit of gold-backed loans is that they don’t need any credit history like other loans that are unsecured. When it comes to other loans, if you don’t have a strong credit score or track record the bank may deny your loan application. In the case of loans made in gold banks won’t make this mistake and can offer you gold loans no matter what credit score appears to be this is an important benefit.

5. Negligible Processing Fees –

Some banks charge a starting processing fee that is almost negligible and some don’t charge a processing fee. Contrarily personal loans or home loans require at least 2.5 per cent processing fees. Thus, gold loans are thought of as superior to other options for loans.

6. No Foreclosure Costs –

Certain banks charge a fee for prepayment of 1 percent. And some don’t charge a foreclosure fee for gold loans from customers.  Therefore, it gives you the additional benefit of avoiding foreclosure costs. It can help you save money and also get easy fast loans, with minimal or no cost.

7. Without Income Evidence

It doesn’t require any income verification from borrowers. The loan is in relation to the amount of the gold items that are pledged. The requirement for income proof is not necessary for gold loans since it is a secured loan.

8. Simple Repayment Option

Another advantage of taking out gold loans is that they are easy repayment options. The borrower can select any method to repay, including periodic interest, periodic Bullet Repayments, EMIs, partial payments, overdraft payments and more. It allows customers to pay for the principal and interest according to their needs. It permits borrowers to take loans immediately without any hassle. They are also able to choose the term of their gold loans according to their needs.

We can conclude gold loans can be a quick and easy way to get the loan you need to meet your financial needs. A majority of people choose these loans to other loan options due to the low-interest rates. They also don’t incur the expense of foreclosure or processing charges. They are almost negligible; this makes the gold loan choice better suited to middle-class people.

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