Internet and gaming: an ever closer duo

Since the invention of the internet, gaming has upgraded, ranging from one player, two players to multiplayer options. There are various games available, ranging from sports, races, action, war, adventure, multiplayer, and mythical. Online games have gone through an evolution since the twenty-first century. Long before the internet was invented, people still played games with their distant friends and families. Take chess, for instance: players gave each other an agreed period to make a move and send back feedback by mail. Since that was all they had, people pretty much enjoyed playing these games even with the slow pace going for days, waiting for their turn. The anticipation of knowing the winner must have been the best part of it.

The internet became popular in the ninety’s giving way for online gaming to rise. It availing an assortment of games to players. This comes with the release of the play station worldwide and the popularity of computers at home. Back then, computers had low speeds, and multiplayer options were unavailable. Still, with the internet upgrading, online gaming has evolved, introducing new gaming consoles and designing vast graphics for players. Nowadays, graphics are high definition and in three dimensions. In soccer, for instance, players get to choose which team to play with based on how well they are ranked in their various leagues. 

Online gaming has various advantages, including; improvement of learning skills in children who are still developing. Gaming equips them with concentration, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and analytical skills, improving social relationships. In multiplayer games, there is a lot of communication that goes on between the parties involved. This improves socialization skills, especially in young children. It also helps in relaxing. When one is tired, playing a game would be a good idea to relax and relieve your mind when you are stressed.

There are casino games for those who enjoy wagering on games of chance and those that require strategy. You get to use slot machine and other casino games for free in some virtual gaming establishments with no registration and without downloading software on your device. It would be best to look for casino games with an excellent payout to increase the amount you win considerably. However, online gaming has its shortcomings that gamers must be aware of to guarantee their safety and good gambling habits. These include;

  1. High expenses – these are used to purchase the games and update old versions where necessary. Extra fees are also incurred in maintaining the devices used and paying those power bills. For those who play in virtual casinos, the money they spend wagering may go above the intended amount. It is therefore essential to have a gaming budget and stick to it. 
  2. Risk of online predators – these are people who are more experienced, usually older and lure younger gamers by sending them messages or pictures that may lead to sexual exploitation and misleading them regarding their lifestyles and relationships with their parents and guardians at home. These could also be bullies who feel good about themselves by making fun of others.
  3. It may cause health problems- people who spend countless hours on the chair playing online games have a risk of contracting back problems, headaches, and eye problems due to straining from light emitted by the phone and television screens. Gamers also tend to eat junk foods and not taking part in physical activity at all. This may lead to weight problems and low self-esteem.
  4. Poor social life- long before online gaming was introduced, children played outside after school. They interacted with each other in song and dance, but since people owned online gaming gadgets at home, no one remembered checking on their neighbour or playing games with them. This could affect their social life even when they are grown.
  5. It can lead to addiction- addiction can be in many forms. According to research, a larger population of online gamers is aged between 18-34. Being addicted to gaming at this age makes one unproductive at their most productive age. 

Online games have brought together various people with different languages, religions, and cultures. The online gaming world is an entire community. It is a platform to make money as well when properly managed.  For instance, a professional gamer who owns a YouTube account and makes money from subscribers and views from videos of him playing. However, it is necessary to manage your time well and educate young players about predators who might exploit them. It is also essential to know what online sites are legit for when you do not download applications or buy the software.

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