Interesting Facts About Supplements That You Need to Know

To improve health, the doctor can prescribe a patient not only pharmacological drugs but also supplements.

When taken according to instructions and following medical recommendations, they will not harm the body. However, only manufacturers of supplements should be trusted. A wide range of nutritional supplements is available at

According to FDA terminology, dietary supplements include preparations and fortified foods. Many Mexican Pharmacies offer natural or natural-identical supplements. One or more components are present in the composition. The functions of the supplements are to replenish deficiencies, to control body weight, to increase the body’s resistance, and to support the work of all systems. You shouldn’t be afraid of taking them. It is important only to understand the intricacies of using nutritional supplements.

Nutritional supplements do not replace a balanced diet

Dietary supplements contain a high concentration of active substances, often of organic origin. However, just like vitamins, they cannot be used instead of food. The body needs nutrients – proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

These compounds are involved in the creation of new cells and tissues, supporting hormones, providing energy. Supplements promote the absorption of nutrients. They are prescribed in conjunction with a balanced diet or therapeutic diet, but not instead of them.

Food supplements are not drugs

The composition and mechanism of action of pharmacological drugs and supplements are different. Medicines may be of synthetic or natural origin. Nutritional supplements are most typically based on natural components. Exactly such preparations are presented in the best Mexican pharmacy.

However, the main difference between these groups of drugs is the principle of work in the body. Pharmacological preparations affect directly the cause of the disease. They quickly suppress symptoms and promote recovery. The task of supplements is to maintain good health. They are prescribed by specialists as an auxiliary component of a complex scheme of therapy.

Not all supplements are the same

Many Mexican Pharmacies Online offer three types of supplements. Each group performs a different function in the body and differs in the active ingredients.

  • These supplements are based on living microorganisms. They are used to treating gastrointestinal pathologies and eliminate the side effects of antibiotics. The main task of eubiotics is the normalization of intestinal microflora and the prevention of dysbacteriosis.
  • This group of supplements includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, carbohydrates. Their role is to enrich the food. Taking nutraceuticals is recommended for strict diets, pronounced deficiencies, as well as to support good health and strengthen the immune system.
  • Para pharmaceuticals. The basis of these supplements is organic substances – bioflavonoids, oligopeptides, biogenic amines, acids, caffeine. They enhance the effect of pharmacological drugs and keep the body stable.

Supplements can cause an overdose

Dietary supplements seem to be safe due to their organic composition, but you shouldn’t take them uncontrollably. They are sold without a prescription, but the supplement should be prescribed by a doctor. Only a specialist will optimally calculate the daily dosage and the duration of the course. If your doctor has prescribed a dietary supplement, but you have doubts about the choice of manufacturer, you can always get advice from pharmacists Online Mexican Pharmacy.

If the patient independently increases the dose or significantly exceeds the recommended course of admission, an overdose is not excluded. This is most often the case with para pharmaceuticals, which are as close as possible to pharmacological drugs. In their excessive accumulation in the body, there is a high probability of intoxication. This condition may be accompanied by digestive disorders – diarrhea, nausea, bloating, abdominal pain. Often develop allergic reactions – skin rashes, itching, swelling.

Supplements have been created to improve the quality of life and increase life expectancy.

The desire to enrich the diet with additional substances initially emerged as a consequence of short life expectancy due to avitaminosis, starvation, diseases. There is no longer a shortage of nutrients in developed countries, but another problem persists: being overweight as a result of an unbalanced diet. Obesity frequently becomes the cause of chronic diseases leading to death. The urgent task for modern scientists is to create supplements that will enrich the diet without increasing caloric content.

We can see the effect of supplementation on longevity in the Japanese. After the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the government took emergency measures to restore the health of its citizens. One of the points was the long-term use of dietary supplements. As a result, the average life expectancy increased by 30 years in 50 years.

The release of new supplements is strictly controlling

The FDA has no strict requirements for drugs that have been in use since before 1994. It is assumed that such supplements have proven their safety in practice. The requirements for new formulations are stricter. The manufacturer must provide evidence that the supplement is harmless. FDA has the right to refuse the registration and demand the exclusion of potentially hazardous ingredients. It is not worth risking your health. It is better to order supplements only from certified Mexican pharmacies.

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