Incredible Benefits Of Green Tea To Boost Your Immunity And Keep You Healthy

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Besides water, most people start their day with a cup of tea or coffee, and today green tea is the most shout out healthy beverage on earth. It is one of the most commonly consumed teas in every culture. Native to India and China, this delicious tea is responsible for making people healthy and fit for centuries.

However, recent studies indicate green tea has gained a lot of popularity in the USA as well. This tea is prepared from unoxidized leaves and is least processed, unlike other teas. Thus, a cup of green tea can give you ample polyphenols and antioxidants which your body needs. Regular intake of green tea can also help soothe your body, soul, and mind. Moreover, sipping a hot cup of this fabulous tea can help heal, cleanse and rejuvenate your body from inside.

Green tea is a magical drink that is easy to make and is available in bottled form, tea bags, instant-powder, loose-leaf, and supplements to help you live a healthy life.

Miraculous Health Benefits of Green Tea

Fat-burning Properties

Obesity has become a big problem in America and the rest of the world. As per a study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Centre, drinking two to three cups of green tea can lose weight by speeding up the metabolism, promoting faster weight-loss. Moreover, green tea helps in proper blood circulation and digestion. However, one must exercise every day for at least 30 minutes to shed some extra pounds.

Fights Against Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease has become a significant cause of death in the USA. With proper medication, one can switch to drinking green tea with a few drops of lemon juice that can help to manage the cholesterol level. Having high cholesterol can risk a person getting heart strokes and heart attacks. Thus, sipping a cup of green tea in the morning can lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body. This aromatic tea can help control the level of triglycerides which is also another reason for anyone getting a heart stroke or a heart attack.

Helps You Stay Active

We all know working for hours can be tiresome. As per the study, office workers have increased caffeine intake to stay active, which has adversely impacted their health. However, several people drinking green tea have reported feeling more stable and productive than drinking coffee all day. While playing on blackjack online on casino sites, casino players who need to stay active and awake during the night to play a wide variety of games prefer green tea instead of other unhealthy drinks. It has also helped them to have a better focus on the games.

Kills Cancerous Cells

According to The National Cancer Institute study, polyphenols in green tea have shown effective results in reducing tumor growth in animal studies and laboratories. It may protect you from the harmful damage caused by UVB radiation. Countries with green tea drinkers have a lesser cancer rate than other countries that don’t. It has also shown a positive impact on breast, bladder, ovarian, skin, and lung cancer. As per research, the high level of polyphenols in green tea is responsible for destroying the cancer cells and prevents them from growing.

Why Green Tea is Good for You

Green tea is packed with antioxidants that can reduce oxidative stress by fighting against cell damage such as aging. Thus, drinking a few cups of green tea a day can do wonders for your health.