Impressive Color Ideas for Your New Guest Room

Everyone wants to leave a good impression on their guests when they come over to stay at their place. But what if some guests arrive uninvited? Will your guest room be ready to welcome them? The thought of guests arriving uninformed bothers many. People have now started keeping their guest rooms up-to-date for any unexpected guests. If you’ve hardly made any changes to your guest room since you’ve built it, now is the time to do it.

Your colour selection will play a crucial role in influencing your room’s aesthetics, so make sure you give enough time to selecting the right colour. You can choose to go ahead with dual colour options like a blue two colour combination for bedroom walls or stick to a single shade for the entire room. Something as small as getting the room walls painted can significantly affect the overall appearance and vibe.

Suppose you don’t have the time to try out multiple colour stripes on the walls to pick the best option. In that case, we suggest picking any of the colours shared below that have been considered popular and are an absolute favorite of many interior designers. So let’s check out the colour options shared below.


Turquoise is a versatile and welcoming shade that evokes images of tropical places, particularly seas. This shade is ideal for people who want to exude tropical vibes in their guest room. Depending on your paint preference, you can choose to either paint your guest room with a single turquoise colour or pair it up with yellow, red, chartreuse, fuchsia, and others.

You can consider Turquoise as a happy shade of blue that spreads positive vibes all around. This colour also pairs beautifully with deep neutral and light colours like white, grey, beige, navy, and more. Whether used to cover the entire walls or as accents, Turquoise won’t let you down.


Want to add energetic hues to your guest room or make it look vibrant? If you answered yes, red should be your choice. You can use red with shades of neutral colours to create a visual retreat for your guests. Surprisingly, red comes in various shades, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Since red is a bold, bright colour, we suggest not using it entirely on any wall. Use it in combination with any other colour for the best results. If you haven’t repaired your house for long, you should also consider getting waterproofing done before getting the paint job done. It will ensure the ceilings or walls aren’t leaky, and the paint stays as good as new for longer.


If you want to transform your guest room into a relaxing yet stylish space, consider getting it painted yellow. This shade is available in a range of hues like neon and pale pastel, so you will have enough yellow shades to choose from.

Try settling for something like a sunny mid-tone yellow instead of neon yellow or a really pale yellow to overwhelm your guests with the hue. If you don’t want to paint the walls with a single colour, consider pairing yellow with teal, fuchsia, and other similar shades. They get along well and give an impressive appearance.

Dark Greys

A dramatic yet impactful colour, dark grey, goes perfectly on room walls, giving the space a sophisticated look. This shade can appear too heavy for some people, but it always creates a calm and serene atmosphere in the room.

To add more charm to the aesthetics, place some decorative elements like vases, wall hangings, etc., of pale colours. You can consider pairing dark grey with wooden tones to develop a strikingly distinct yet appealing appearance. These colour schemes always work in most scenarios, so you can give it a try.

Make Your Guest Room Shine with the Right Colours

Picking the right colour is a challenging task, especially when there are so many hues available for each shade. Since getting a room painted costs a considerable investment, you should take extra measures to ensure you’re picking the right shade. If you’re lacking ideas or cannot determine the right colour, you can always select from the list shared above for impressive results.

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