Important DIY Painting Project Hacks That You Must Know

If you have decided that painting your interior walls is your next DIY project, then let us give you a word of caution that wall painting is not just about exploring the Asian paints colour chart and selecting the right shade for your living room and bedroom. It requires you to have enough knowledge about what kind of supplies you need to purchase, choose the right rollers, paintbrush and understand the technique of applying the paint! Here are some important hacks that will make your project easier, and you can thank us later for this.

  1. Create Your Drop Cloth Corners: Before you start wall painting, you must secure the furniture and floor of the room with drop cloths, to avoid paint stains. To create a drop cloth that is easy to fold, move and reuse, you can cut big cardboard squares and tape them to all four corners. The cardboard pieces make it very easy to fold and put the sheet away when not in use. 
  2. Remove Fuzz From the Paint Roller: We all want our wall paint to last for years and irrespective of the paint cost, we invest in superior quality paint. One important aspect we ignore is the supplies. We buy paint rollers, which start fuzzing after a couple of uses. We suggest that you get good-quality paint brushes and rollers for a smooth finish. Before you begin painting, use the packaging tape and roll your paint roller on the sticky side, and then remove the tape. This will remove all the fuzz, giving your walls a clean, perfect finish.
  3. Reduce the Paint odour: Nothing is more satisfying than painting the walls of your home yourself. While this is fun, the pungent odour of the paint can often give you a headache. An easy way to avoid this is by adding a tablespoon of vanilla extract to your paint tin! Ensure to mix it well and then start the painting. While you paint now you will get to smell a fresh vanilla fragrance instead of the annoying fresh paint odour. 
  4. Avoid Paint Stains on Paint Tray: Removing the stains of dried paint, even water-soluble one can be a nightmare. A good way to keep this strenuous task at bay is to cover the tray with aluminium foil before you pour the paint into it. Once the task is done, simply remove and discard the foil, and voila your paint tray is as good as new! 
  5. Clean Your Wall Before Painting: This is an essential step that many of us skip due to lack of experience. Use a soft linen cloth to wipe off any dry dust, and cobwebs to avoid any unsightly spots. Use a mopping stick to clean the higher portions of the wall. 

Remember the above 5 helpful hacks to complete your DIY painting project like a pro! 

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