Importance of periodic Inspection by technicians

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Regular inspection of your boiler by a specialist is mandatory. But do you also know how often? Tenant or landlord who has the move? Why can a poorly maintained heating installation cause a CO hazard? And how do you recognize a possible CO problem at home? We asked our experts about home and fire damage.

There are also companies working with experts who are trained to manage any situation of damage. You can easily ask them to come over and check to avoid any damage. In case of any emergency you can also consult a Fire Restoration Company as they can professionally handle any situation.

5 good reasons for a regular check of your central heating

  • The periodic inspection of central heating boilers by a recognized technician is legally required.
  • Your boiler will last longer if you have it checked regularly. In addition, the risk of breakdowns is five times lower.
  • You save up to 10% on your energy bill. During maintenance, your technician will check whether combustion is energy-efficient. In this way, the efficiency of your boiler remains optimal.
  • You prevent CO poisoning. CO or carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is produced when the fuel in your boiler is not burned properly, a problem that normally does not arise if your heating system is properly installed and checked regularly.
  • Regular maintenance is good for the environment. The technician ensures that your boiler does not use too much fuel, checks the emission of the combustion gases, and cleans the drain. In this way, less harmful substances are released into the air.

How often should you have your heating system checked?

During the inspection, the professional checks whether your installation works correctly and safely adjusts it properly and then checks whether the combustion is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. In certain cases, you should also have your chimney checked and cleaned, because the flue gases are discharged through this. The guidelines for these inspections differ from region to region and per boiler type.

Do you have a gas boiler?

You must have your boiler inspected every two years. Do you have a type B heating appliance (which uses the ambient air in your house for combustion, such as a classic floor boiler or an older wall-mounted boiler)? Then you should also have your chimney swept every two years. Chimney sweeping is not mandatory for type C gas boilers (the airtight system of condensing boilers). There is some convenient online heating pointer for heating appliances. Based on a few simple questions about your heating installation, this guide provides you with a list of the legal obligations and some recommendations for heating your home safely.

A mandatory two-yearly periodic inspection applies to gas boilers and gas boilers for sanitary hot water.  Gas boilers with a capacity of less than 100 kW must be checked every three years, for boilers with a higher capacity it is every two years. Also, sweeping the chimney is not mandatory if you have a gas boiler.