How your child can become a good storyteller

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Storytelling for kids is very important in today’s times. Online storytelling sessions for children at Yellow Class will go a long way towards helping kids learn more about fascinating and beautiful stories while also improving their self confidence, interest in literature and stories and also improving their vocabulary, reading, speaking and listening skills too. At the same time, these lessons will pave the way towards becoming good storytellers as far as your children are concerned. How can he/she take that leap towards becoming a better storyteller? Here are some tips worth considering:

  • Encourage your child to read and read more. The more you read the best stories with your little one, the more likely it is that he/she will start intrinsically absorbing the story devices and progression naturally. Reading is the best and first way to encourage your child to develop his/her storytelling abilities.
  • Give your child exposure to diverse texts and stories. This will broaden their horizons and widen overall types of storytelling, possibilities and more. Expose them to fiction, comics, non-fiction, diaries, biographies and factual texts. You can search on the internet for “collectibles stores near me” to let them read one of those classic or vintage comic books.
  • Your child may start emulating a favorite style or author eventually. You should encourage him/her to progress on the same while encouraging him/her also to read various kinds of stories and practice reading them out.
  • Asking questions is a great way to encourage your children to talk about stories, their opinions and so on. You can ask them how they would want to end a particular story or reshape a particular story in this case. This will go a long way towards boosting their self confidence.
  • You also have to start telling stories by yourself .Once your child starts enjoying your storytelling sessions, he/she will automatically attempt to replicate the same by telling stories of his/her own.
  • You can play games linked to storytelling. You can write a few starter points for sentences somewhere. These include and every day, once upon a time, , until one day, and ever since that day, etc. Get everyone playing the game to finish at least one of these sentences and then combine them to make a story. This can be a fun game for your kid, stimulating his/her interest in storytelling greatly.
  • There are numerous storytelling mechanisms. Encourage your child to sing, dance, paint, read or act out a story, whichever he/she loves doing.
  • Once your kids get the storytelling bug and start telling their own tales, make sure that you get them to keep practicing. Teach them that practice makes perfect and they can start practicing in front of you and also the mirror. Once they get a little more confidence, they can start telling stories in front of family members, friends, guests and visitors.

These tips should be kept in mind by parents as they seek to encourage their children to become good storytellers. You never know, there might be an ace storyteller in there somewhere! The key is to discover it!