How to Write an Excellent Essay in One Day

Working on a writing task is sometimes too heavy to manage. This mission is almost impossible when you have only one day to finish an assignment. Determine your strengths and weaknesses depending on the subject you need to work on. In our article, we want to give strong recommendations on how to write your essay in one day and not to let your engine burn out. Are you ready? Three, two, one…

Find out how much time you really have.

Set a limited amount of time for each stage we present below to write my college essay for me in one day as effectively as possible. For instance, you can set a maximum time of eight hours (as a working day) to progress with your essay with no pain. Your essay writing process will have nine further steps, so spread your time out for more productive and enjoyable writing.

1. Define what your topic is about. (30 minutes)

Here you don’t need much, just a powerful browser to open as many tabs as you can. Find everything you need to beat the lack of information in your knowledge base. Make notes and prepare the fundamentals for the next stages.

2. Make an outline. (1 hour)

Preparing a plan for the writing project is an essential step to organize this process. After you have some collected information from research, you can structure it classically:

  • Write what’s going to be introduced.
  • Set the evidence and personal reflections to three body paragraphs.
  • Wrap up the entire essay in the summary section.

The outline helps you understand whether you need more research to fill your essay with extra quotations and facts.

3. Write an introduction. (1 hour)

Even if the introduction is 10% of the length of your essay, you need to write it carefully. Present the main points you will review in the text. For instance, after you’ve hooked your reader with an anecdote or interesting facts, you can proceed with the thesis statement. This is the overall idea of your project, which you need to demonstrate during further sections in the body. An introduction should also insist on methods you’ve used to reach your findings (interview, survey, book, or article analysis).

4. Add the citations in the body paragraphs. (1.5 hours)

Write your body paragraphs thoroughly because they make up most of the text. Almost 80% of the information from your essay is concentrated in this section. Let your imagination run wild here! Use evidence from sources you’ve gathered to support your ideas. Remember that your text should be original and prepared uniquely. Work with your style and voice. Don’t worry about the time: one hour is enough if you have plenty of information from source materials.

5. Work on formatting. (1 hour)

To save your work from plagiarized content, learn to include in-text citations properly. It should fit your formatting style assigned by your instructor. For instance, it could be Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, MLA, or APA. These are the most popular citing styles. You can use an online citation generator or manage it yourself, relying on general instructions. Pay attention to indents, margins, font, in-text quotes, and reference lists.

6. Take a break. (1 hour)

Really, you deserve it! Why don’t you make a cup of your favorite drink or have a snack? Remember that a hungry student can’t be a successful one! Let your body relax and take a walk with your favorite music in your earbuds if needed. You know, our brain needs to be distracted from routine actions for better productivity. But don’t give up, as there are a couple of actions left.

7. Edit independently. (30 minutes)

When your first draft is ready, run through the document to find flaws and inconsistencies. Work on grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. After you’ve checked on some issues, you need to see whether your essay is built logically.

8. Ask for peer response. (30 minutes)

This type of revision will help you to improve your essay significantly! Find a friend before the writing process to give them your piece of work. Analyzing your essay together simplifies your investigation on issues so you can see your text from a different angle.

9. Rewrite the first draft. (1 hour)

If you need to change parts of the text after the first and second editing sessions, do it! Rearrange some sentences and work on the essay’s clarity. Consider cutting parts that are written in complex scholarly language and replace them with short and concise sentences. Simplicity is the key to explaining everything effectively!

10. Ready to be sent. (1 minute)

Well done! Finally, your essay is polished enough to be shown to your teacher. Open your email and compile the letter. Three, two, one… click!

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