How to Wear Leopard Print like A Fashionista

These days, all sorts of animal prints have appeared in the attire market and despite the amount of radiance that they offer, animal prints have been considered by the vast majority to be tacky to wear. What is amazing about animal prints is that they work superbly well for any occasion and if you know how to pair it up with other types of attire, you can enhance your appearance.

Here are 6 ways that you can wear leopard prints like fashionistas.

1. Ensure that your leopard print is high-quality attire

What most people think about animal prints is that they are cheap and of low class, and when you ensure that they are made from high-quality fabrics, you can be sure that everything gets elevated.

2. Make the prints your focal point

Especially if you are wearing a leopard print for the first time, you should ensure that it becomes your outfit’s focal point. Be a little creative and adventurous and if you want to try, you can break all the written rules and come out looking amazing.

3. Match the animal prints with the right accessories

There are animal prints accessories that are mostly understated and you can interject your wardrobe with other elements that are timeless and which look funny and interesting. The best thing with leopard prints and a variety of other animal prints is that they work amazingly well for every occasion. For instance, animal print bags can be a huge fashion statement for the ladies and you can always be on the safe side when you add that special bag to a monochrome outfit.

4. Flat animal print shoes are a wonderful choice

Flat shoes that have been imprinted with leopard prints are a unique way of adding fun to your office look or daytime casual. Wear these shoes with boyfriend jeans, together with a colorful top that doesn’t have busy prints. If you are using animal prints shoes in the office, the printed shoes should be your focal point with a  neutral shirt suit.

5. Animal prints when going out

Going to the club is where animal prints feel the most comfortable. This is because they can shine and look sexy. If you rock animal prints from head to toe when going to the club, you can make an amazing statement. You can help to keep it subtle when you carry a matching animal print bag with you or a pair of print stilettos. Wear a tight skirt that has animal prints and pair it with a solid-colored top and black pumps that guarantee a flirty look. With the best leopard prints, it’s your time to shine and enjoy yourself while going out.

6. Animal prints for classy occasions

When attending sophisticated events, people rarely think of wearing animal prints, but the truth is that these prints can make a lot of difference. When planning for a dressy occasion, you need to find animal prints that are not very tight and avoid those that have tight silhouettes. A long dress will always be better for this kind of occasion, so ensure that you wear one that covers below the knees.

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