How to Use CRM Software to Perfect Your Sales Pitch

The life span of your business is highly dependent on the quality of your sales pitch. No matter how good your product or service is, if you cannot consistently bring in new clients, you won’t thrive. Therefore it is worth pulling out all the stops to make sure that you can put your best feet forward during your sales pitch, with all the context and data required to boost your confidence. 

The perfect sales pitch is a balancing act between engaging your prospect and providing them with meaningful information to help them evaluate your value proposition. It should be informative, concise, and evidence-based with impeccable due diligence regarding data and numbers. Most importantly, you should find the right prospects; otherwise, none of the above makes a difference. 

This is where a CRM software comes into play. A CRM software can help you accomplish all these things and take your game to the next level. Here, we outline three high-value impact areas that can help you perfect your sales pitch.

  • Know your prospect. 

Knowing the audience is the first step towards a great sales and marketing strategy. The amount of information you have about your prospect is directly proportional to the success rate of your sales pitches. There are two aspects to prospect identification. The first is finding the prospect with the greatest likelihood of conversion. If you cannot do that effectively, you will waste your time making many pitches with slim chances of conversion. The second is having enough insight about the prospect so that you can accurately understand their needs and fine-tune your pitch. If a lead or prospect feels that you are well-informed about their context, they are more likely to take your proposal seriously.

Deploying CRM software can highly optimize your prospect identification process. You no longer have to play the numbers game by blindly pitching left and right or relying on gut instinct. A CRM software keeps a comprehensive database of your prospects and records your past interaction with them. Features like predictive contact scoring help you surface the hottest leads by intelligently ranking all your contacts based on their profile and prior engagement. This optimizes your pitching game immensely by making sure you are focusing your time and attention on the most viable prospects.

Besides, once you do find your best prospects, your CRM software fills you in on them with a 360-degree view and a detailed rundown about them. Such contextual data goes a long way in helping you understand the needs of your prospects. Be it the size of their business, their executive influence on their organization, or their objectives-  the CRM software gives you a curated collection of all the information required to develop the best possible sales pitch for them. 

  • Make your pitches more credible with data-backed evidence.

Backing up your value proposition with evidence makes your sales pitch more authoritative and persuasive for your prospects. It is imperative to correctly anticipate a prospect’s areas of interest and assemble the necessary information in the form of reports or a comprehensive case study. Your pitch should include all the required data to back your talking points in front of your prospects. By doing so, you tell your prospect what you can do for them and also demonstrate what that looks like.

The data accumulated by CRM software is invaluable when it comes to developing reports for your pitches. But the data itself isn’t of much value by itself if you don’t couple it with the context in meaningful ways. You are not out of luck there either. A modern CRM software solution comes with a sophisticated suite of analytics that lets you curate action-oriented insights regarding your sales performance. This data can help you pinpoint sources of revenue and measure the impact of your value offering. Additionally, it also presents the prospects with the opportunity to evaluate your numbers and ask meaningful questions, which can help them make up their minds.

Having an inside-out knowledge of your business processes adds immense credibility to your pitch and reassures your prospects immensely. It is prudent to remember that the goal of a sales pitch, other than demonstrating your value offering, is to project yourself as a business ally. Your prospects need to trust your expertise and acknowledge your results to see you as a valuable partner who can best further their interests.

  • Share social proof

The best way to win over prospects is to provide them with examples of your most satisfied clients through means like testimonials. Social proof is the anchor of any strong pitch. By offering social proof, you allow your prospects to witness how your offerings have benefitted other people. It cuts through the complex abstractions of data and numbers and provides prospects with an independent third-party confirmation that your value offering is legitimate.

Your CRM software is your best friend in this regard. First of all, CRM software features can play a huge role in helping you craft an extraordinary journey for your clients throughout your sales lifecycle. This enhanced customer experience enables you to provide a greater degree of satisfaction to your clients, making them more likely to refer to your services positively. Secondly, the CRM software tracks this journey with reliable fidelity. It can generate reports that let you comb through your customer data and objectively identify your happiest customers. With this information at hand, you increase your odds of reaching out to the clients most willing to provide you with a testimonial or consent to a case study. 

In conclusion, we have demonstrated how CRM software can be a crucial resource that positively impacts all the aspects of your sales pitch, including understanding prospects, strengthening your value proposition, and providing compelling evidence. It is a no-brainer to rely on such a resource to sharpen your pitches. With the right CRM software, the perfect sales pitch becomes an achievable goal. And when you deploy one successfully, you can expect to see more growth and revenue, thus creating a virtuous cycle that makes your future pitches more credible and helps you land more business down the line. 

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